UT-LSU Post Game Quotes

Feb. 27, 2011

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Feb. 27, 2011
Tennessee vs. LSU Quotes


(Opening statement):

"We anticipated that it was going to be a battle. Their defense is really tough. Overall, I thought we started pretty well. We had some good possessions and then I thought we weren't as strong in the second half closing out the game. (The lead) getting to eight points, I didn't think that was going to happen. We did knock down shots when we had open looks. I thought our post game battled pretty strong."

(On Angie Bjorklund):

"There's no doubt that Angie is a difference maker. She didn't seem to be favoring her foot and she seemed to have great focus and a lot of energy."

(On her team's defense):

"I thought our defense at times was not very good. Our communication on our switches wasn't as sharp as it typically is. You have to give them credit for coming through and playing well when they needed to, but we have to do that for 40-plus minutes. That has to be our mentality."

(On the team's reaction to its early success):

"They thought 'wow, this is easy.' It's never easy. I liked the way we started, but we had a lot of lapses in between."

(On her team's offense):

"We really invested more into our offense than we did our defense. Our defense and our board play is where you win championships, so we have to get our mindset exactly where it needs to be for those two aspects of the game."

(On going 16-0 in SEC play):

"We didn't set out for that, but you have to give this team a lot of credit. We went on the road and won some games, we had some tough games. Overall, I think their focus and maturity has really helped us to be successful. This team has good chemistry. They don't get upset if they don't play or if they come out. They really want to win as a team and it shows."

(On her team's post game):

"Our post game is great when Kelley Cain and Vicki Baugh are healthy. I think (Alyssia) Brewer has made a difference. She didn't play as well today. We have the size. I don't know of anyone in the country who has three players of that size that can do a lot of good things like we do."

(On Kelley Cain's status):

"We're erring on the side of caution. There's no reason why she needs to play until she's fully back."


SENIOR GUARD Angie Bjorklund

(On her performance tonight):

"I think it started the past couple of games in practice. It just carried over into the game. It just took a little bit to get back into the flow."

(On Sydney Smallbone's night):

"Syd just came in with complete confidence. I was so proud of her. She absolutely deserved every single shot she hit. She deserved that time out on the court. She's been one of the hardest workers I've been around since I've been here."

(On the emotion of Senior Night):

"It was a lot going on at once. I was a little emotional before the game but during I was just happy my family was there. It was great to see how many fans came out to watch us play tonight. Kamiko's dad surprised her, so that was great."


(On the last play of the game):

"It was a shot for Syd. She couldn't get it in; they were denying her. Stricklen came to the rescue. I could have taken the shot, but I wanted to share."

(On Angie's performance):

"I think she knew it was her time to shine. As a senior, it was her day. She had to shoot with confidence, and she did. She shot like we all know she can shoot. She played her game tonight. She helps so much, and she brought our energy up too. I think we could use that for the rest of the season."

(On the start of the game):

"I think we started off really strong. We were trying to play a 40-minute game. After they started hitting a couple of shots and they made a run, I guess we lost a little bit of our confidence."

JUNIOR FORWARD Shekinna Stricklen

(On taking more shots in the second half compared to the first):

"First half, I think I only shot one shot with eight or nine minutes left on the clock. I heard (Pat) screaming my name. I knew what she was yelling for. I think I did an up-and-under post move, and then I came down and hit a three. When we got a timeout she said, 'You knew exactly what I was going to say.' She told me that I just need to keep hunting for my shot."

(On going 16-0 in the SEC):

"They told us we're the ninth team to do that in Pat's 37 years I think. That shows a lot. It's great because this class, this team has been through a lot. It's good to finally put something in the record books as a good thing. We are more mature, and we're playing good as a team. We're more committed now. Just going undefeated and getting ready for tournament time feels great."

(On her reluctant shooting):

"I'm not shy to look for my shot. I'm not the type to force shots. If it's not there, I'm really not going to shoot it. I like open shots. I was 3-for-3 though. I really want to create for my teammates."

(On having Angie back):

"I think we play very well together. I just know Angie very well. It's so great to have her back. It helps us because a lot of teams key on her, and that just opens it up for everybody else."



(Opening statement):

"I'm really proud of our team. I thought they came in here in a hostile environment, played as hard as they could and did everything we could. I thought with the Tiger killer out (Kelley Cain), I thought we might have a shot. She has slain the tiger every time she plays us. I have been watching Tennessee since 1978 and I have never seen them shoot the ball like they did in the first half. They just shot lights out in the first half. If they can shoot like that all the way, they are going to be a contender for the big championship."

(On missed shots early):

"We were getting quality shots. We were tickled to death with our shots. It is hard to get shots against them as big and long as they are. It doesn't matter who they start, all of them are long. We were getting good looks, but couldn't make any of them."

(On the depth of Tennessee):

"Tennessee has always had great depth. I would have to go back in time to say if this was the best depth but it is pretty close. It's really good."

(On forcing tough shots):

"I thought we did a great job of defending them, they just made ungodly shots with somebody on them. It wasn't like they were running around wide open."


(On getting down early):

"You kind of get discouraged when you are down but you have to keep fighting and that is what we did toward the end of the half to kind of bring us back."

(On success right before halftime):

"It gave us a lot of energy to finish the half strong and coming out in the second half we still had that energy but not all the shots were falling. We were getting good looks but they just weren't going down."





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