Postgame Quotes: No. 8 Tennessee 65, No. 10 Kentucky 78

March 3, 2013

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(Opening statement)
"Well, we just got out worked today and out hustled. We didn't get the job done, so credit to Kentucky and how hard they played and what they did to us."

(On how different between this game and Texas A&M game)
"I thought it would be difficult for us to play two games of this magnitude back-to-back. I am disappointed in how we gave up, obviously, 19 offensive rebounds. You can't win. You have to take care of the ball and you have to bring your defense. We didn't bring our defense. You have to bring your defense and you have to rebound. We didn't do those two things. It was a totally different game. We didn't have it and we didn't get it done today."

(On what she said to the team during the first timeout)
"You just try to settle them down and regroup. That's all we were trying to do. Don't panic, try to get good looks, let's get stops, and let's get rebounds. I was just trying to get them to regroup."

(On how the start of the second half set the tone of the rest of the half)
"Yeah, we turned it over on the first play of the game. It sure did set the tone."

(On the status of Isabelle Harrison right now)
"I think Izzy is week by week. It is what we have been dealing with. I thought Kamiko's injury was tough for us. I think she came back and wasn't a factor when she came back in off her ankle. It is just things that we have had to deal with and it is part of the game. People have to step up and we didn't step up today."

(On A'dia Mathies)
"She's fantastic. I think she is a class-act kid, plays hard. She is just a great kid. I don't personally know A'dia, but just watching her and how hard she plays, I know she is an incredible athlete and an incredible basketball player."

(On if the players panicked)
"I thought they made us play fast. If you want to interpret it as panicky, but they just made us play fast and we just quick shot the basketball. When you quick shoot the basketball, it's great when it goes in, but it wasn't going in. We tried to settle it because I thought at times we got good looks, but they are not good looks if they don't go in."

(On the team preferring a quick tempo)
"We just had six people to play. Then when Shaar (Bashaara Graves) got in foul trouble, we were just extremely limited on what we could do with the tempo and how we wanted to play. It is what it is. We can't afford to get anybody in foul trouble. When Shaar picked up her third, we had to change our whole game plan of what we wanted to do."

(On the rivalry)
"We have played in hostile crowds and environments. It was a great crowd. I think that the people here appreciate good basketball and we had some fans come out as well. I think their style of play affected us more than the crowd and what they were doing. I hope that was the case anyways."

(On not playing until Friday in the SEC Tournament)
"We are glad we have a week to prepare for the tournament. We are thankful we get the opportunity to play on Friday so we can heal a little bit. We will take tomorrow off. We can't do some of the things we would like to do because we don't have the bodies to do it. There is a fine line between how much you work and how much you get rest. So we are going to have to be really aware of that, and adjust how we practice."

(On Jasmine Jones)
"They made her play fast and she did. She played too fast. I thought at times she got rebounds and she was playing hard. It just wasn't effective when you are turning the ball over and not finishing your shots and those types of things. She will learn and we will learn from them."


F Cierra Burdick

(On what they can take away from this game as a team)
"We've just got to go back home and regroup and figure out what we need to do better. Tomorrow marks the beginning of a new season. We just need to put this behind us, learn from it and get better so we can come prepared for the SEC tournament and catch a couple of W's."

(On the tone during the first timeout because of the fast-paced tempo)
"Anybody that's played here knows that's what Kentucky does. They're going to come out with the first punch, that's what happens when you play in Memorial. They always have great fans and they always have a sold out gym, and it is loud. That's something that our newcomers have to adjust to. We just have to come back and regroup and we failed to do that today and I think that really what hurt us. We didn't handle the pressure well and then we fell under pressure."

G Meighan Simmons

(On if the turnaround for the SEC Tournament is an advantage)
"I think it gives us more of an advantage because it gives us more time to prepare for any opponent that we come up against. It gives us time to work on us and learn from the mistakes that we made today. We need to regroup, keep ourselves composed, keep communicating with each other, and continue to move forward taking it one game at a time. Don't be negative, always stay positive and stick together. We bounce back very well, so from today until the tournament I think it's really going to help."

(On how the team's injuries have affected the season)
"You know when we do have injuries, people step up when they need to step up and know their roles on the floor. I think that even with Kamiko (Williams) going out she came back because she wanted to play but now I feel like this time, it's time for her to heal and it's time for this to heal so that when the SEC comes around we'll be ready. We've got to take it one game at a time, let everyone recover and do what we need to stay fit and in shape. We need to make sure that our bodies are relaxed and well taken care of and like Cierra said, tomorrow marks a new day. We just need to take it one game at a time and continue to work hard."





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