Postgame Quotes: Tennessee 70, LSU 58 (SEC Championship)

March 4, 2012

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(On being proud of the SEC Championship Lady Vols)
"I think proud is the operative word here for our program, certainly our coaching staff and our team right now. We feel tremendous pride in the growth that has occurred so far, the ground that they've covered and the distance we've traveled as a team. We've had ups and downs. We've played well and not well. Through it all, this group stayed the course. I think it did take them awhile to embrace defense and rebounding as the pillars of really great basketball and what this program is built on. Not that they didn't believe it, but it's one thing to believe it and it's another thing to really live it out on a daily basis. I think they've done that and they've shown that in this tournament. We're very proud of what they've done here in Nashville."

(On if he's ever been around a player that plays as hard as Glory Johnson)
"No. In one word, no. Glory is as hard of a playing player that I've been around in 30 years. This is my 30th year of coaching basketball. I've been around some really great competitors. Dan Majerle comes to mind at Central Michigan and some others. Male or female, Glory Johnson plays as hard and as fiercely competitive as any player that I've had the honor of coaching. We're so proud of her for that.

(On the games in the tournament being similar)
"These games very much have resembled one another. We're just very fortunate. Again, defense and rebounding came together for us."

(On Kamiko Williams' defense)
"Her defense was absolutely pivotal in us, figuratively speaking, holding the fort. They were making a real run at us. The two blocks were the things that stood out, but her position defense (was big). Her ability to force Jeanne Kenney into her weak hand, making her go left rather than allowing her to go right, was huge for this team. When Ariel went back into the game (Williams) defense on the wing was outstanding. Her defense was tremendous for us down the stretch and it was a big part of us winning this game."

(On being proud of the SEC Championship Lady Vols)
"We're going to give them an off day right away. We'll do kind of a shooting and position workout on Tuesday. We'll practice Wednesday. Thursday, Friday and Saturday we've yet to determine yet. Our first three days are pretty locked in. We're going to give this team a little bit of rest, but not too much. We're going to get back into the groove, not out of it. After three straight games in three days, their bodies need to heal. Mentally, they need to get fresh and then we'll start to slowly prepare for the NCAA Tournament."





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