Tennessee 118, Coker 44: Post-Game Quotes

Nov. 4, 2012

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HEAD COACH Holly Warlick
(Opening Statement)
"I was obviously pleased that we won the game and we did some really, really good things. I think our defense was a lot better. We didn't put them at the line like we did against Carson-Newman. We distributed the basketball. We started a little different lineup, and we did that on purpose just to see how people would play together. But overall, there's three things I wanted to focus on before the game: play with a lot of energy, make sure you play with a tremendous amount of effort, and play with a big heart. Those sound like very simple things, but those things helped us focus on what we needed to do. The rest will take care of itself because we're talented, we're athletic. But if we don't play with a lot of energy and a lot of heart, then our talent is totally not there. We tried to focus on those three things and today, we came out and did those things and we saw a better result than we did against Carson-Newman."

(On calling timeout because of 3-point defense)
"You can't give up 11 threes. We've got to change that, and that's been our MO for a while. We'll just go back and look at it. We knew going in that they shot the 3 ball. That's one side of the game that we've got to get ahold of real quick."

(On if not having entire defense installed was part of the problem)
"Yes, it is. We have one thing in on ball screens, and that's trapping. If you don't rotate, you don't have a good trap, you're going to give someone an open look and tonight, a lot of times that's what we did. That's a great opportunity for us to go back and watch film and to correct those things. We've got to do a better job, and we'll probably come up with a different scheme besides trapping on the ball."

(On what she liked from the team Sunday)
"Overall, we didn't put them at the free throw line as much, we didn't foul as much. We really focused on playing with our feet and not our hands. We got the ball out in transition a lot better than we had. I thought we scored a lot in transition, and that's what we want. We want high-energy playing. A lot of people got some good minutes. We went inside. I wanted the opportunity for some of our young players to start and get off to a quick start, and I think they did that as well. So overall, I'm pleased with our effort on the defensive end, probably took some quick shots in transition, but we got that straightened out."

(On if scoring in transition is the plan for games against higher level opponents)
"That's our goal. We want to try to score in transition. Now, we've got to continue to get in shape and stay in shape. I don't think we're quite there yet, but we're getting there. But I think this group loves to play up tempo. I want to try to take advantage of that."

(On Bashaara Graves' performances through two exhibition games)
"Well, I'm obviously pleased with Bashaara's play. I don't care who you're playing, if you have a double-double, you have to be doing something right and you're doing something with a lot of effort. Bashaara plays hard. She's talented, but she plays hard. She works before the ball. She works on the rebounding end to get in position for the ball. She just always constantly works, and that's what I love about her. I don't care if she's a freshman or what she is, she's a basketball player who plays with a lot of energy and has a lot of effort."

(On the 3-point shot)
"How many did we even shoot today? 14? When you get the ball inside and you get three points the old fashioned way with and one's I am okay. I am good with that. I am not so much concerned with that as I am what we are doing on defense and how we are dictating plays. That has been our focus this preseason. We haven't been getting up a lot of shots because we have been focusing on the defensive end. Now we will taper off a little bit and get more shots. Not really as much concerned about it. Ask me in the next couple days. If we continue to that I may get a little nervous about it."

(On Ariel Massengale and Jasmine Phillips)
"I think Ariel will be there for the opener. She could have gone today. I just want to make sure that we aren't doing anything that could make it worse, done the line we are going to need here. Phillips, I am not quite sure. I know she has a pretty bad pull. We will turn to the doctors and Jenny to make that decision. On both of them. I didn't want to push it, especially with Ariel. It was a great opportunity for our kids to get playing time and for her to have some rest."

(On keeping it simple or installing new schemes)
"Well a combination of both. We have to get more in on the defensive end. They set some screens that we haven't even discussed. They did some things. We will put in some more things as far as fundamentally how to guard certain things on the defensive end. The offensive end we will just put in a couple of tweeks. But I am pleased with it. Offensively I am just pleased with how we are moving the ball, we are moving it, player movement, and ball movement. I think at times last year we stood a lot. We are trying to get them to where they react and play and don't do a lot of standing. We will continue to do that. We have to get moving on and we have to put in new things."

(On Nia Moore's production)
"I have been pleased with Nia. She just produces. She get in there. She has a blocked shot when we need one. She has had a steal a game at the top of the key which is huge for us. I am really pleased with her and how she is playing and the results of how she is playing."

(On if she is pleased with her team's performance)
"Absolutely. I thought the Carson-Newman game we had to go back to work. I thought this game we showed what we needed to do and could do and result to bigger things. So I am very pleased. I am glad we had the opportunity to have these two exhibition games. I think they are going to get us ready for the next too games."

(On playing fast-pace games)
“I think there was only one other time that I have played a game that fast. It was with USA basketball my 17 and under year against Japan. All we did was run. It got to the point that I was so tired that I looked over and said to Ariel (Massengale) can we please slow down, let me get to half court before we shoot another lay up because it was that fast. This game was extremely high tempo but that is what Holly wants. She wants us to get skills and just run. Everything needs to be in transition and I think we did a good job of that today."

(On learning to play a high-tempo game)
“It does take some getting used to it. Our lungs have to get used to it. It is not easy at all to play 30 seconds of great defense, get a steal and a fast break. We are only on offense for maybe 15 seconds because we are getting wide open lay ups. It pays off. It is easy baskets and we are successful doing it.”

(On the freshmen realizing regular-season games will be harder)
“I hope they do. I think as veterans and returners, we try to stress to them that some of the shots we’re getting right now we’re not going to get when the season starts. We talked about that in half time how we really need to slow the ball and when we’re not transitioning the basketball, just really get into our offensive principles. Really swing the ball and get good shots. That’s the biggest thing that we try to stress on offense because we’re not going to get these easy layups we’re getting against Carson-Newman and Coker. Once Georgia and Baylor and North Carolina come around, their defense is going to be a lot better.”

(On the quick turnaround of games)
“I think our training staff is obviously going to play a big part in that. We are going to be ice bathing a lot and recovering the best that we can. Hydrating and eating. Hopefully, this preseason that we have had, it has been a long preseason, we haven’t gotten a lot of rest. So, just getting used to the grueling schedule that we have had these past couple months, that is going to help us down the line and the future with the quick turn arounds.”

(On letting your body recover in between games)
“Definitely, I think that is the case. Last year I was doing a lot of extra with Dean and extra workouts but at this pace and these hard practices that we have been having, they are three to three and one-half hours nothing but up and down so I have to be mindful of the extra work that is put in. You do have to hydrate and you do have to get your rest. I think that is the biggest thing, that is when recovery takes place. Just as a team we are spending a lot of time in the training room just trying to get our bodies back to where they need to be.”

(On being more comfortable on the court)
“I don’t feel as rushed as I did last year. I trust my teammates to score as well. So if I get doubled team I can kick it back out and see what we are working with.”

(On Bashaara Graves)
“Her effort and her energy levels are so great. She possesses every aspect of a post right now and I am loving it. She is just another post in there and strong with me. We will just keep on working hard, teaching and it will trickle down to the rest.”

(On the guards taking it to the hoop)
“That is Dean right there, just get in the mindset that when you get in the paint just go to work. We appreciate when the guards look for us, we are going to show them that we appreciate it and put it in the hoop for them.”

(On Nia Moore)
“I love her effort and when she gets excited I am even more hype for her. She is just that type of person, I can feed off her energy. Just seeing her improving everyday, that is what I love. Coming back from last year I can see her getting better every day. That is what I enjoy.”

(On how to refrain from fouling)
“Calm down and not let the crowd and everybody around you get to you. Know that you can play your game, slow down and breath. Don’t get too excited when you get the ball. Just take your time.”

(On what she learned from two exhibition games)
“I just learned to play hard and we just have to keep getting in better shape. I realize that we’ve been running a lot, but I’m still tired out there. I just have to get used to making good decisions and pushing the ball and using my teammates and getting to know them more. I think we’ve learned a lot of things we need to work on, but I think we’ve done well.”

(On the improvement of defense)
“I definitely think there was improvement this game than last game because we played with a lot more energy. We were all going more hard and just playing hard and I think that affected our defense a lot.”

(On Coker’s Heidrun Kristmundsdottir)
“She played really well. It was a tough challenge to contain her and I didn’t do my job a couple times, but my teammates always had my back. I think she made us better because we’re going to face good point guards throughout the rest of the season. We’ll watch film on it and I’ll learn from it, my teammates will learn from it and we’ll just get better.”

(On playing at this tempo)
“It is fun once you get used to it because we’re just scoring, and we’re all up tempo and have a lot of energy. It definitely takes some getting used to. Like Cierra said, our lungs and just running up and down the court. I think the more games we play, the more we’ll get used to it because you can’t simulate stuff like that in practice. So the more games we play, the more we’ll get used to it and the better we’ll be.”

(Opening Statement)
"Obviously the outcome isn't what we wanted. The purpose of this game is for us to experience big-time basketball and to get better, so that was good for our kids to be able to come in and have an experience in front of a lot of fans and be able to experience this. I'm not happy with our effort. Things are going to happen. We're going to have turnovers; it's how you respond so got to get better. We've got a long road ahead of us, and we've got a lot of room to improve."

(On Kristmundsdottir's apparent injury)
"I haven't heard yet. I know she's getting x-rays. That's all I know."

(On the team's performance after she went out)
"She's kind of the backbone of our team, solid point guard, pretty poised. Hopefully she's OK. We don't know the status of her yet, but it did hurt. She's obviously a heady point guard, but hopefully she'll be OK."

(On the post players of Tennessee, keeping them off the glass)
"Tough. They're beasts. It was good for us to experience. We've got to box out if we're going to win games. Credit to them. They're a very good team; they're going to go far. It's very hard to keep them off the glass."

(On Tennessee this year compared to previous years)
"Just like Tennessee. (laugh) They're always good. They're long. They're athletic, quick, aggressive. That's Tennessee basketball. It's always been that way, and it's never going to waver at all from that."

(On the up-tempo pace)
"I know we got a little tired at the end, but our game plan is to run as well to win our conference. Hopefully we can run and get easy baskets. It's very hard to get that against Tennessee. They're quick. They're always looking to run, and that's a strength of theirs. It was a very good game for them. We've got a lot to work on, a lot to improve on, and I'm glad we got the opportunity to come here."

(On what you get out of playing against Tennessee)
"Yeah, it'll definitely help us prepare for our conference play. It's good experience for you to come here, but we have a lot of learning points that we can use for practice and get better on."

(On what you get out of playing against Tennessee)
"It's just a good experience for us to come and play teams of this caliber, so hopefully we can just learn from this experience and figure out what we need to do to compete in our conference."

(On being proud of the effort tonight from beginning to end)
"No. The way we started out. We came out with energy, and we competed. Second half we didn't show the same type of effort. We're obviously not happy with how way we played in the second half. We're just going to try to learn."





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