Postgame Quotes: UTC 80, Lady Vols 71

Nov. 9, 2012

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Tennessee Head Coach Holly Warlick
Thoughts on the game
"My hat is off to Chattanooga. They played a great game. They played hard. We could not guard them one-on-one and that caused problems for us. When you can't contain the ball and give a team good, open looks you will gets tonight's result. I thought our defense affected our offense, and that's something we have to go back and work on. As long as we learn from this, it's alright, but if we keep making the same mistakes we're not going to get any better."

Thoughts on what led to the loss
"I think our defense was nonexistent the whole night. I think, outside of Andraya Carter putting pressure on the ball, we didn't affect them one bit. We were at the mercy of them missing shots. Our defense was nonexistent, and you can't beat a veteran team like Chattanooga on their home floor when you can't score."

Thoughts on the Lady Vols' weaknesses
"I think we are a little anxious. We are young, have a new coach and were playing in a hostile environment. When it comes down to it, you have to take care of business and we didn't. Things may not go your way, but you can always get down on the defensive end and play. You can control that. There was one series where we missed four layups in a row right underneath the basket, but the ball didn't go in. We can always muster up a little heart and energy to play defense. That's all it is."

Chattanooga Head Coach Wes Moore
Thoughts on the game
"I am really proud of my team. The way they competed, more than anything. Like I said, the last couple of years have not been really fun in this matchup. Our kids just battled. We gave up too many offensive rebounds, which I was afraid of, but we limited the damage somewhat. Probably the biggest stat is the assist-turnovers ratio. Seventeen assist and 13 turnovers is unbelievable. I can't say enough about Alex Black handling full-court pressure, but I thought our two seniors did a great job of handling the ball and helping get it up the court. Taylor Hall handling the inbound passes hit some big baskets in the first half, and Faith Dupree and Ashlen Dewart were an awesome tag team. It was a great team effort and I am extremely proud of them."

Thoughts on the win being big
"I am not going to say it was our biggest win ever, but it is a very big win. It is up there with the Rutgers win in the NCAA Tournament. Those two will be something that we'll never forget. Tennessee is going to be fine. We caught them in a year that they have a lot of inexperienced players and they graduated a lot of talent. But they still have a lot of talent and they'll be fine. Don't get me wrong, this is special. I told the team this will be something they never forget and can always be proud of."

Thoughts on Tennessee's play
"It was a tough game. It was a good move when they went to a zone, and I thought we were a little disoriented for the first few possessions. That was a scary stretch and it was a good move on their part. Late in the stretch, they were just putting their head down, attacking the basket and attacking the offensive boards. We had a hard time keeping them in front of us and keeping them boxed out, but we were able to hold on. As a coach, I don't know if we are going to hit shots every night like we did tonight. The 80 points is nice, but you can't hang your hat on that every night. We're going to have to continue to work defensively. We gave up 43 points in the second half so that's a little concerning. But I am proud of them, and we were able to hit enough shots to keep a lead."

Thoughts on Taylor Hall's performance in the first half
"I thought that was very critical. There have been so many times we have played Tennessee and we've dug a hole in the first half. Taylor Hall hit was big shots to keep us in the game. I told them at half time that we usually dig a hole. Last time when we were here and had a shot at them, I know we were down eight or 10 points and were able to come back. I told them we didn't have to come back tonight. We were dead even and just needed to outscore them by one. Again, I didn't relax until I think it was down to about nine seconds."

Taylor Hall, forward, junior
Thoughts on the game
"It was maybe the best game of my career. We all knew it was a big one, needed to execute and do the little things that we could do to help our team win. That was a definitely a game I enjoyed. That is a great way to start the season and it is a lot of early momentum."

Thoughts on what changed from the first half to the second half
 "We just knew we had to keep it up and not let them get on a run. We knew we couldn't let them get on a run and let them get down in the second half, but we executed really well and took care of the ball like we were supposed to do."

Kayla Christopher, guard, senior
Thoughts on the game
"This is huge. This is a great way to start off my senior year. It is something we will never forget, and it gets us jumpstarted for the season. We know what we are capable of now and it really raises our expectations. We know we can do it, and now we just have to keep doing it."

On what the Lady Mocs had to do to be successful
"I think it is all about runs for Tennessee. We played with them last time in the second half, but we let them get off to a quick start. That's what they like to do. Once they get you down they like to keep you down. It was really good for our confidence to see that we could play with them right there at the beginning of the game."





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