Postgame Quotes: Tennessee 87, Georgia Tech 76

Nov. 17, 2013

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(Opening Statement)
"I thought we started out strong and then we got comfortable. Georgia Tech is a very good team, very athletic. I thought we played hard and we finished the game. I thought it was a very good win for us."

(On Andraya Carter)
"Andraya is...she's not a selfish player. I think she just does the dirty work and she seems to get a rebound, a block, a bucket when we need to. I think she is a special, special young lady and I think she wants to contribute. Most kids just want to start, and she wants to get in and play, but that's not important to her. She wants to contribute to the team and what she can do to help this team win, I love it. I lover the energy and athleticism that she brings to this team."

(On the rebounding)
"It was incredible. When you have two kids that have 18 rebounds a piece, that's the difference in the game. You get second-chance points and that's just heart and desire to go in and rebound. I thought there wasn't much more that Bashaara could do. Highest rebounding she had, she was guarding just about everybody o the floor, she was bringing the ball up the court. Bashaara was multidimensional. She did just about everything tonight."

(On the lineup)
"I don't think there's going to be a set lineup . I think it's what we emphasize and what we need and who can get us off to a quick start, who's going to come in and give us a boost. I would be surprised if we kept this lineup the whole year. I just think different teams we play, who's going to start the game off and who's most effective."

(On how big Cierra Burdick's defense was)
"Huge. Cierra is so tough on herself offensively. I think Cierra Burdick's defense tonight was the best she's played at Tennessee. Once Davis hit some shots, we asked her to face guard and limit her touches and I thought Cierra did a great job. She didn't let her offense affect her defense. I'm very proud of Cierra for that aspect of her game."

(On if she was pleased with the team's first half performance)
"I gave them my halftime speech before the game. I think they played hard but we got comfortable - and we can't get comfortable. We started quick shooting the basketball and played time of possession, and Georgia Tech was either getting three point shots or an and-1 play and they got back in the game. If we can play a complete game we can be really, really good. We just have not played a complete game yet. When we do that defensively and offensively, we're a good basketball team."

(On Carter and Massengale, and if they seemed to have any problems switching roles)
"Not at all. And I like when those two play. I like when those two play together because if you take Massengale out then Carter steps up. I think our team has tremendous respect for both of those young ladies as far as leading the team both on and off the court. I don't have any problem with Massengale going to the 2-guard and Andraya stepping up at the point. It's about production, and I think those two actually play really well together."

(On Jordan Reynolds' play)
"I thought Jordan didn't shoot the ball as well as she has, but I thought she played solid defense. She distributed the ball, she ran the team and time. So I was pleased with Jordan and Mercedes. They keep getting better and better and they're playing in environments that they're not really used to. The more minutes they get, the more they play game situations, the better they're going to get."


(On Carter's main focus in a game)
"I would definitely just say having energy, bringing defense and just being that spark that the team needs and just that plus the plays. I bring the plays that are hard and take effort and that's what I focus on."

(On playing with Ariel Massengale)
"It's a great pair and I love being out there with Ariel. If she's closest to the ball, she'll bring it in and if I'm closest to the ball, I'll bring it in. We both know the one and the two and if she needs some relief, I can help her. If I'm struggling, she can get the ball and help me. We're a good combination."

(On Kaela Davis)
"Kaela is a great player and she can score and put the ball in the basket and we knew that coming in to the game. That's exactly what she did - put the ball in the basket many different ways. The coaches told Cierra to just face guard her and that's what she did. Cierra is always trying to challenge herself on defense and I think she did a great job. Holly said it was (Cierra's) best defensive game as a Lady Vol, so to hold Kaela after she had scored so many points to so few at the end is good. Cierra did a great job and we're all super proud of her for it."

(On missing shots)
"Sometimes when it comes to putting the ball in the basket, it just doesn't happen. When I have a lot of energy and I'm not focused, I do miss and it's something I need to work on in practice. When the energy is going, I'm anxious and excited and it doesn't go in. Bashaara had my back on that layup."

(On offensive rebounds)
"Dean (Lockwood) said the same thing in the locker room - on nights when we are 30-percent from the field and 15-percent from the three point line, we can still get a good win. Half of those misses were getting put right back in the basket because we were being so active. You can afford to miss some shots when you have great offensive rebounders, and that's what they were for us tonight."


(On what makes her have standout games)
"I don't know, I just wanted to come in and rebound to the best of my abilities and that's what I did."

(On rebounds)
"(Coach Lockwood) just tells me to take it five rebounds at a time. Every time he talks to me, he just says, 'five more,' and that's what I do."

(On her pregame mindset)
"It was to play aggressive. And that's what I did. I just wanted to play more aggressively than I have been. I saw (that I had no fouls) when I was walking over here."

(On fouling)
"At the MTSU game, I was in deep foul trouble and I fouled out and I think that caused me to play timid in the next game, but in this game, I just got back into it and played defense without fouling. I just went to the boards the whole game."

(On assists)
"I just wanted to help my teammates and I think most of those (assists) were probably high-low passes and I know I had one pass to Meighan and that was just because she was open, so I passed it to her."


(On rebounds)
"(Rebounds) were definitely a point of interest. When the game starts, Dean (Lockwood) always whispers into mine and Bashaara's ears to get however many amount of rebounds. We definitely over-exceeded his goals for us tonight. He told me 14."

(On Georgia Tech foul trouble)
"They told us watching film that we needed to drive the ball and we can really advance our game in the transition defense. I think that all of our guards know that we have to draw fouls and I'm glad we're really doing what Coach needs us to do."

(On the second half)
"I think the last eight or nine minutes (of the first half) we kind of got relaxed because of the lead we had and we kept missing and it became a domino effect. We talked about it at halftime and said we needed to slow down and box out and we did that in the second half."

(On being the best game)
"Energy-wise, yes. I think we came out very strong and if something happened, we just forgot about it, whereas usually, we would get down about it. I think we did a great job of bringing each other up no matter what happens. I'm really glad at how strong we came out tonight."


(Opening statement)
"Well I think we found out why Tennessee is fourth in the country. Their rebounding is unbelievable. We watched them the first three games of the season, and we didn't see them rebound like they did today. I was very impressed with their post play. Any time you have two posts end up with 36 rebounds in a game, that's the team's rebounding style. I have to give them credit. I have to compliment our team. I thought we battled for 40 minutes. We never gave up. I'm really proud of the way Kaela came out and played. I thought it was a tough situation for her. It was one of the most gutsy performances I've seen from a freshman my entire career. Again, I'm proud of our team. Obviously, we're going to go back and see how to keep a team from getting 65 rebounds. When we do that, it's a different ballgame."

(On UT's depth)
"They definitely have depth at every position. They also are very versatile. It's like a chess match. They put posts on the perimeters, and it's one of those things where it's a chess match throughout the course of the game, figuring out match ups. Anytime they have players who can play any position on the floor and depth inside. That's the thing that impressed me tonight."

(On changes late in the first half and into the second half that sparked comeback)
"I really felt like we got on a run from our defense. We made some defensive adjustments. We went back to our presses. We started in man to man, but went back to our presses and we were able to get some stops. Then Kaela started making some shots and we made a few threes and got some momentum into the half."

(On Tennessee's late 12-0 run)
"I thought the rebounding made the difference for them. When it got down to five (points), they had a couple key offensive putbacks. The offensive glass made the difference."

(On Davis' impact)
"I've said this all along: the day Kaela Davis signed with Georgia Tech, it changed our program forever. That was before she ever set foot on campus. When she did set foot on campus, the thing that impressed me the most about Kaela is yesterday morning before we got on the bus, she was in the gym shooting. It's one of those things that her work ethic and desire to be the best has raised our level. Players want to play with her. She's unselfish, but she's take shots and score. She's an unselfish player who brings out the best in people around her. She goes to work every day. I think the thing that's been surprising to me is how consistent she's been every day."


(On being cheered on by Vol brother A.J. Davis and playing at Thompson-Boling Arena)
"I definitely noticed him. He's a big guy, so he stands out. (laughs) He's always supportive and that meant a lot to have him here. Thompson-Boling is tough place for anyone to play here. Tennessee has some of the greatest fans, so I knew it would be a big crowd. It was an honor to play here."

(On playing in Thompson-Boling)
"I have `Georgia Tech' across my chest and so obviously that's what I'm concerned about. I came in here just focused on our game plan and what we needed to do to win the game. I knew it was a tough environment, like I said, for anyone to play in, but the biggest thing was to keep composure in that environment."





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