Tennessee - Arizona State Postgame Notes

Nov. 21, 2010

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Post-Game Quotes | November 21, 2010


Head Coach Pat Summitt: (opening remarks):

"I liked the second half a lot better than the first half. I thought we did a lot of good things. You look at the stat sheet, and we had five players in double figures. I like that balance. In the second half, we played with more consistency. We did a better job on the boards and on defense. We shared the ball really well. Glory Johnson had 15 boards. I wish we could get that every game."

(on what she said to Glory Johnson when she pulled her out of the game early in the first half):

"I told her that she had to step up for us. She was blending in. She is one of our best athletes. Well, it may be a jump ball with Meighan (Simmons). I felt she was rushing. I got on her at halftime. She responded. We need her. She can affect the game in many, many ways."

(on extending defense):

"We had to put more pressure on them. We did better at closeouts. Our defense elevated, and that got us a few baskets. I like to go in at halftime and teach. They responded well."

(on Kamiko Williams):

"Kamiko has been able to play longer minutes. As a freshman, she'd been in two minutes, and we'd pull her. Now, even with fatigue, she can push through it and help us even when she's tired. She can get paint points instead of just shooting the three-ball. I thought her defense was really solid."

(on Shekinna Stricklen):

"I challenged her, and she has responded well. She has given this team confidence. She's pushing tempo; she's scoring; and she's giving us good defense. She's invested more in her game."

(on Kelley Cain not playing in the second half):

"I may just throw her and Vicki (Baugh) in the salt water (in the Virgin Islands). Our small lineup is mobile. I like it. I'm not going to rush those two. It's a long season."

(on defense):

"We switched on everything. That allowed us to keep them in front of us. We rebounded the ball better. We understand our sets. With three out, two in, we played with a lot of freedom."

(on Tennessee's free throw shooting):

"I am not happy. We will be shooting. A free throw is what it is--free. We will be getting in and getting up shots. There's no excuse. We've got Pratt Pavilion and Thompson-Boling Arena. We'll make it part of our practice."



(On Pat's halftime message to her and her response):

"She just was telling me that I'm still going too fast, and she never knows what she is going to get out of me. She just wanted me to be a lot more consistent with my game. At first I didn't understand, but when I'm sitting down on the bench, I was like, `There's a lot I can do to help my team.' Stay focused. Even though I'm getting yelled at, I'm going to still play my game. I can take that and make things positive."

(On her strength in rebounding):

"I love rebounding, and I love playing defense. It just so happens that she loves defense, and she loves rebounding. Hopefully, to stay on her good side, I'll stay on the boards. I don't mind staying on the boards."

(On using her athletic ability on defense):

"I enjoy it because a lot of guards don't think that a post can guard a guard, and then they try to take it to them. Just keeping my feet moving and keeping my hands up without fouling. I enjoy it. I would like to see a lot more posts do that. Guards might be able to take advantage of you sometimes, but they can't come in the paint. It challenges them a lot more."

JUNIOR GUARD Shekinna Stricklen

(On consciously being more aggressive early in the game):

"Yes. Coach has been on me to at the start of the game set the tempo, push the ball up their backs. They were overplaying me to the left. They were giving me the drive, so I took it."

(On the defense at the end of the first half):

"I just think about Friday's practice. It was just, `You're going to play defense, or they're going to take you out.' I think that's what we carried over into the game today. Everyone was really focused on their defense and committed to it. "


(On being a better defender):

"Dean opened my eyes to `I can be a defensive stopper when I decide to be.' Me and Pat had a nice little talk. She told me she wanted more on both ends but especially on defense, so that's where I'm trying to get better."

(On the team's balance):

"That's a great asset to have on a team because last year we looked to Angie all the time and expected her to score when we needed it. We don't have to go to one person. We can run sets for different people, and eventually that will open up shots for Angie because she doesn't have to work as hard."

(On figuring out who is going to take the shot):

"That comes through practice. With the practices that we've been having, Holly and Mickie have been emphasizing, `If you've got a shot, take it.' We're figuring it out. We are."


Arizona State head coach Charli Turner Thorne (opening statement):

"I'm disappointed. We're not really young age wise, but we're actually a very new team. We have a lot of players who are transfers and coming back from injuries who haven't played together. Tennessee did what I thought they would. They exposed some things that we need to get better at, and we haven't been tested in, boxing out for one. I'm very impressed with them. They obviously have a great team with a lot of versatility. We knew the boards would be huge, and we didn't get it done in that area. I was just very disappointed in our defense. We're not a team that is a score more team, and we really couldn't defend off of those turnovers in the first half. In the second, when we took care of the ball, to give up 47 points was incredibly below our expectations and standards. We have to work harder to keep people in front of us and not allow great scorers to be comfortable."

(On Tennessee's versatility):

"Glory Johnson had a big game against us, and they have good versatility. They have a strong low block game, and those players are coming along and developing. When they go small, you have your four player looking for their shooters out on the perimeter. That is going to give people some challenges."

(On having Dymond Simon back):

"She is so savvy and so skilled, so last year personnel wise, we didn't have the guard play we're used to day in and day out. I'm very excited about Dymond and our guard play overall this year."

Redshirt Senior Guard Dymond Simon

(On Tennessee scoring run late in the first half):

"It was definitely a struggle for us at that point. We definitely had some lapses on defense, not communicating as well as we should have, rebounding, all of the above. It was a learning experience today and I'm happy that this happened to us."

(On playing at Tennessee)

"I've always wanted to play at Tennessee. It is a great atmosphere and the fans are terrific, and I thought it was a terrific game. We were just excited as an organization to be picked to come to such a great atmosphere."

(On returning from a knee injury):

"I'm still working on some kinks in my game. I'm happy where I'm at, and I'm coming along really well."





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