Tennessee vs. George Washington Postgame Quotes

Nov. 24, 2004

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Tennessee Head Coach Pat Summitt

(opening remarks) "I thought overall, our offensive execution was better. I'm never satisfied. I was not as impressed with our defense. On the positive end, I thought Nicky Anosike defended well off the bench. She and Alexis Hornbuckle-those two freshmen brought a lot of energy off the bench."

"(George Washington) switched defenses on us constantly. Sometimes, we were going man against their zone or zone against their man. If we weren't sure what defense they were in, we said to just run our motion offense. They disguise their defense. We said, 'Let's just attack in whatever defense they're in.' We're comfortable with it (motion offense). Our freshmen ran it in the fall."

(on the play of junior guard Shanna Zolman) "Shanna is one of our most improved players. She's gotten better off the dribble. Shanna said, 'Coach, I'm one of the best free throw shooters in the nation. I need to be getting to the line more.' That mentality has inspired her. She has definitely expanded her offensive game. She's more than a catch-and-shoot player now, and that's good for us."

(on the play of junior post Tye'sha Fluker) "In our first two games, Tye'sha was 3-of-16 from the floor. Looking at the tape, at least 12 of those she got great looks. It was just a matter of time. She spent some extra time with Coach (Dean) Lockwood today, and that carried over on the court. She's in a new role. She knew that she needed to step up. She did better tonight. She got great position and didn't rush. She knows that she needs to be an anchor for us inside."



(on the play of George Washington senior forward Anna Montañana) "She's a great talent, a great player. Catch-and-shoot is her strength. She's a tough-minded player. I thought (Nicky) Anosike did a good job defending her. For that team (George Washington), she is a key, key player."

(on the play of freshman guard Alexis Hornbuckle) "When she comes in, she brings energy. She generates action. Good things happen when she is on the floor. She is very gifted. There was one time that I thought she should have passed to Shanna Zolman, but she's explosive enough to get to the basket. She split the defense and got the lay-up."

"I wanted to get playing time for some of our players tonight. Sybil Dosty has been out after suffering a concussion, and she got some minutes tonight. Dominique Redding didn't get a lot of minutes as a freshman, and tonight's game allowed her to show what she can do and gain some confidence."

"There's always something to fret about. I thought we had good passing. That indicates that we're an unselfish team. We want to get a lot better. This team plays together at both ends, and that's encouraging."

(on the play of senior forward Brittany Jackson) "Brittany has made it a priority to be a defensive player. In the North Carolina State game, she had a solid defensive game. She has gained confidence (in her defense), and I have gained confidence in her. There has never been a question about her ability on the defensive end. That will help the team a lot."

Shanna Zolman:

(on what the difference was with the Tennessee offense this time out) "We moved. (laughter) We executed a lot better tonight. There was still a lot of standing, but we concentrated on communicating. Coach has talked to me about being more aggressive off the bench and not just spotting up in order to draw fouls. I need to create more off the dribble, whether slashing to the middle or moving on the perimeter."

"Everybody likes to play. That was great to give us experience. Against tougher competition, we'll need our bench. In games like these, we're able to get experience and develop chemistry no matter what combination we use."

(on upcoming game against Texas) "I've never beat Texas. I've never wanted a game more than this one, other than UConn. They're a great team. They will have a lot of incentive to play hard. It will be a hostile environment. It's going to be exciting."

Alexis Hornbuckle:

"Our guards were a lot bigger than theirs. They were smaller than we were. Size helps out a lot."

"I was ready to help. I was ready to come off the bench and give the same kind of energy as our starters. I got to the boards. I was pumped up."

(on the home opener) "The atmosphere was great. The student section was full. I was so excited, I was ready to run up and down the court."

George Washington Head Coach Joe McKeown

"Today we started two freshmen guards and this was a tough environment to put them in. I knew we couldn't get behind by too much where we couldn't score enough points to come back. Most of our wounds were self-inflicted, but some of that is Tennessee and the environment, forcing us to play out of our comfort zone, which is good for us. They just come at you in waves and are physical. We're just not that deep.

"Last year, our match-up zone hurt them, but they shoot the ball so much better this year.

"I hadn't seen (Tye'sha) Fluker play as well as she did tonight.

"Maybe the arrival of some of their freshmen sent the message to other players that they need to step their game up."



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