Tennessee-George Washington Postgame Quotes

Dec. 1, 2009

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Head Coach Pat Summitt: (opening remarks): "Overall, I thought we did a lot of good things tonight. We wanted to attack the paint. We needed to settle down. Glory (Johnson) came in and played in a rush. Lyssi (Brewer) came in and did a great job in the paint. If we can get that kind of scoring from her, along with Kelley Cain, that will be a valuable asset to our team. Those are two posts who know how to use the paint. With the two of them and their size, we can play more zone."

(on the performance of sophomore Lyssi Brewer): "She did a great job of posting up and using the glass offensively. She was begging for the ball. If we can rely on that, along with Kelley (Cain) and Glory (Johnson) and Taber (Spani) doing some good things in the mix, I feel better about our post game. I had to take a look to see who that was out there. I was really excited for her. As a sophomore, she should understand what she can bring to the game. Last year, she struggled with conditioning. Over the summer, she invested in her conditioning. (Strength coach) Heather (Mason) challenged her. It's one thing to be challenged, but she responded.

"Absolutely, this should give her confidence. She knows she's got to continue, particularly on the defensive end."

(on Tennessee's bench play): "Alicia Manning made the most of her minutes. She was very impressive. She didn't force things. I liked her in the high post. If she can play the four position, we can use Taber (Spani) on the wing."

(on Kelley Cain): "The coach expects her to play against Texas."

(on Tennessee's perimeter play): "One thing about this team is that our perimeter players can be overanxious. We have to play inside out and not shoot the three right away. We have to get paint points and get to the free throw line."

(on Tennessee not practicing tomorrow): "With exams coming up, it's books before basketball."

(on Shekinna Stricklen): "Shekinna set the tempo offensively. She's the one player that was most aggressive offensively. We wanted to run our offense and get inside touches."

(on Tennessee's inside game): "A key for our team to be mindful is that we have three-point shooters, but we have to establish our inside game. It's a different mindset to rebound and defend. They were keying on us inside. We weren't as efficient inside. Glory (Johnson) had to establish paint points."

(on Glory Johnson): "She has to keep out of foul trouble and have the discipline to keep on the court. She is so much improved from last year. (Assistant coach) Dean (Lockwood) deserves a lot of the credit for that."

Sophomore forward Alyssia Brewer (On how injuries to other post players affected her mentality): "When Kelley (Cain) went out, I knew that I had to step up. Last year, it was the same scenario against Ball State, and I didn't step up like I needed to."

(On how this game affects her going forward): "It's all in my hands if I carry it over or not. I plan on doing that, but I need to stay consistent."

(On what was different about this game): "Coach has been telling me to do this all season--get low and shoot when I'm there in the post--and today is the game that I finally took it to heart and did it. I know (Coach Summitt) is going to expect this out of me every game."

(On the impact assistant coach Dean Lockwood has on her game): "There are times (during the game) where I don't want to hear what Dean says but I still hear it. He's a very good post coach, and his impact is great because he constantly tells you what to do on the court. He doesn't just put you out there on your own, he helps you every play."

Sophomore forward Glory Johnson (On what it means for Alyssia Brewer to play so well): "I think it not only raises her confidence but ours as well, knowing that you have another post player that you can trust. I'd rather go to Lyssi in the post because she's bigger than me. If I can give her high-lows every day, I'd love it. She has a size advantage over most people, and she uses her size."

(On how important tonight was for Brewer's confidence): "I think she needed this game. Watching her struggling in practice and even sometimes she does good things in practice and dwells on the negatives. I think having a great game will boost her confidence."

(On where the team is defensively): "Our coaches have been trying to instill the way that we play defense at Tennessee in our heads, and it's all coming together in our zone defense that we're playing now. I think we trust playing man or zone. Mixing it up when we're playing good teams helps us a lot."

(On the team's performance in the post): "It was kind of a shocker for Angie (Bjorklund) when (during a timeout,) Coach Summitt said `no threes.' After the first couple of plays when we had it inside, she was finally released to shoot her threes, and she made both of them. When she gets the opportunity, she makes the best of it."

Sophomore guard Shekinna Stricklen (On the team's motivation level for tonight's game): "I think we were really ready. We've been talking about it. Yesterday in shoot around, everybody came in with a lot of energy, and I knew then that today would be a good day.

(On what the turning point was in the first half): "I think when we started getting steals. Our defense was a big key for this game today. When we started forcing turnovers, pushing the ball, getting fast breaks and layups, it turned the whole game around and picked up our energy."

(On what kind of pace the team prefers): "Fast-paced is more of our game. That's what coach keeps telling us to do. Get the ball and go and make the other team try to slow it down. When we get fast break points and layups, it helps pick our intensity up."

George Washington Head Coach Mike Bozeman (Opening statement): "It's always a pleasure to test yourself against the best. (Tennessee Head Coach) Pat Summitt is obviously the best. There is no doubt her team is very good one. Our youth got us a little bit in the first half. Our objective in the second half was to make sure we improve as a team. We came in wanting to break the game down into 10 four-minute spurts. We actually won the first four-minutes. We made too many consecutive turnovers which is indicative of a young team. There is a positive feel in our locker room, and we know we are going to get better. We know the learning curve is getting short. Coming in and playing Tennessee is an honor for everybody, and a great way to see how we need to improve."

(On Colonials' mounting injuries, including the broken leg suffered by freshman Danni Jackson last Friday): "It is hard to deal with. What I'm trying to teach is life lessons also. With such a young group everything we do is a life lesson. To lose Danni in the fashion we lost her- it was shocking to the whole team. I've got kids playing with injuries. (Sophomore) Tara Booker is not the same Tara Booker as she is recovering from (a meniscus injury). We have a couple of other people walking out of the locker room with ice bags. It looked like M.A.S.H. That's part of life and my kids, I'm so proud of how we are adjusting, moving forward and playing hard. They played till the last second of the game, tapping in the last bucket. I'm proud of the class that my young group came in here and played with.

(On Lady Vol sophomore Alyssia Brewer coming off the bench and replacing sophomore Kelley Cain's production): "They lose a player and replace her with another high school All-American. That is tough. It is tough. Brewer had a great game. They're the No. 5 ranked team in the country for a reason. It's not because their name is Tennessee; it's because they're a very quality basketball team."

Sophomore guard Kay-Kay Allums (On the team's young talent and how GW will improve after tonight's game): "A lot of people see youth as a negative, but I see it as a positive. We're a really close knit group off the court. Now we're starting to get it when we are on the court. We always hang out together. We know in the back of our minds where each other are going to go (on the court). We're starting to click."

(On what she will take from playing the Lady Vols): "It's Tennessee. It's playing against one of the best teams in the country. In the locker room nobody had their head down. Nobody was pouting. We didn't give up. We kept fighting until the final buzzer. Now we can go into Auburn (on Saturday) and we can take it to them."





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