Dec. 2, 2004

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Tennessee Head Coach Pat Summitt

(opening remarks) "I thought we came out with great intensity on both ends of the floor. I thought both teams did. On the defensive end, we generated a lot of opportunities for our offense. We got some really good looks, but we didn't shoot the ball as well as we needed to. Our post game broke down defensively. I told our team, 'It's like there's five pieces to the puzzle. We'd get good ball pressure and good wing play, but we didn't deny the post. We went to our match-up zone, and (Monique) Currie brings the ball right down the middle, and we didn't pick her up. We've got to cover the basketball. Our defense let us down. We'll learn from this. Our guard play gave us good defense, but if you look at the numbers, we didn't shoot the ball well."

(on Tennessee's continuing offensive woes, shooting 28.0 percent) "I can't say that I've ever been in a situation like this for an extended period of time. Loree Moore was 0-for-8. She was 0-for-6 the last game. 'Is she getting looks?' I think she is. Maybe it has become a mind game. Maybe she's rushing. We'll put her in game situations in practice. (Shanna) Zolman was pressing. I told her that she's got to relax. She's too good not to be knocking down her shots."

(on Jessica Foley impacting the momentum of the game) "Foley reeled off eight straight shots. That was a key. Momentum switched at that point."

(on Shyra Ely playing 40 minutes) "Ely played a lot of minutes. I liked the way she played. She was aggressive, played with poise inside, and made some big shots. It was a TV game, so there were a lot of timeouts to get rest."

(on the play of Alexis Hornbuckle) "Alexis brings a lot of energy. She generates a lot of positive things. She's always around the ball. She needs to settle down offensively. She's found that the tempo at this level is different. She makes a lot of good things happen."



(on the tempo of the game) "They got us out our zone. We didn't match up. They got good looks. Give Duke credit. They made more big plays than we did."

(on the play of Duke's Alison Bales) "Alison plays with a lot of composure. She's such a good passer from either the low post or the high post. She spreads the defense out. Their post game and our post game are light years apart. We have to find a post game if we're serious about winning games."

Shyra Ely

(on shooting woes) "Shanna and I are go-to players. We have to continue to shoot. It's frustrating. Maybe I've got to follow through more."

Shanna Zolman

(on what Tennessee can take out of this game) "You can take something out of every game. We had a lot of energy coming out. We played hard. Late in the game, we let it slip away. We had defensive lapses. We have to play every possession. We can't take a possession off."

(on defensive breakdown late in the game) "We were confused whether we were in our matchup-zone or our man. That was our fault. We didn't communicate. That's a learning experience. Every possession is a learning experience. It hurts right now, but it will prepare us for March. We've got 10 days off (before the next game) to improve."

Duke Head Coach Gail Goestenkors

(on the Duke inside game) "Our post did an exceptional job. We always try to get it inside, we need to do that to be successful. We have made a firm commitment to going inside, and tonight I think we played extremely well in spurts."

(on the game) "It was a battle out on the floor today. Every possession was a war. Each shot was hard fought. I am very proud of our team. I thought we were aggressive on both ends of the floor. Tennessee did a great job on defense, and so did we. Going into this game, I knew it was going to be a low-scoring game. I think both teams are struggling to find their offense."

Monique Currie

(on scoring down the stretch) "We were in a good position when the score was close. We were looking to move the ball around and get an open look and I kept getting open."

(on the open lay up she had in the closing seconds) "I think Tennessee was confused on their defensive matchups. I stepped backwards because it kind of caught me off guard on how open the lane was. I just drove down the middle and put it in."



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