Dec. 8, 2006

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(opening remarks) "I thought our starters got us off to a great start in the first half. Our bench came in and gave up a lot of points. At halftime, we shortened our bench. Accountability has to be in place. We have to find out which players can keep us at the same level. In the second half, we were better off the bench. Sidney Spencer got some great looks and knocked them down and helped us break the game open in the second half. Her teammates did a great job of finding her. I think they wanted the assists."

(on the performance of Sidney Spencer) "Sidney's play was huge. She gave us a great lift. It's unique to have someone at the three (position) with her shooting range. She has exceptional range, and when she's in a zone, you want her to have the ball in her hands. Her teammates got her the ball."

(on defense and rebounding) "We did better in the last two games boxing out and taking away second chance points. Tonight, we gave up too many dribble drives and went for inside steals. I thought we did a decent job in the half court."

(on bench play) "The intensity of our defense and offense took a big dip. They spoiled us early. When Dominique Redding comes in and is not playing with a lot of energy, it's real apparent. She, Cait (McMahan), and Bird (Alberta Auguste) did a better job in the second half. (Alex) Fuller did a good job, but we have to have more than one player (off the bench)."

(on the performance of Nicky Anosike) "Nicky did a great job. She was active and got on the boards. She played with a lot more composure. She goes after it. We need players to pursue rebounds instead of waiting on the ball to come to them."

(on Tennessee's defense) "Defensively, we played in spurts. We had some good combinations. Our starters did a good job to start both halves. We have to be more disciplined defensively. We had some breakdowns in our scout defense. We can get 12-15 points better. We weren't closing out the long three-point shots."

(on 10-day break before next game at the University of Texas) "The most important thing is that we have exams coming up. We're giving them the weekend off. Monday, we'll start working on Texas and finishing out before Christmas."

Alexis Hornbuckle:

(on the shooting display by teammate Sidney Spencer) "Obviously, we know that she is a great shooter. When she gets on a roll, you want to get her the ball. They weren't guarding her that closely. You go to your strength at the time, and it was Sid."

(on rebounding) "We haven't been rebounding well. We have to take each game and make a point of boxing out. If we do that, then the boards should come."

(on bouncing back following the loss on Sunday to North Carolina) "We've recovered. It was a learning experience. We played hard. We came back with the right attitude. We're looking ahead instead of dwelling in the past and taking it day by day to get better and to be the best that we can be."

(on George Washington) "George Washington is a good team. They never give up. (Jessica) Adair did what she needed to do. She took advantage of every opportunity."

"I'm happy with where we're at. I'm not completely satisfied. I'm always hungry and want to get better. We've got to get better on rebounding. If we pursue the basketball, we will be hard to contend with."

Sidney Spencer:

"This was our third game in six days. We were extremely focused on starting well. It starts with defense, and we were extra focused."

(on George Washington's comeback) "We were turning the ball over and feeding into their type of play. A lot of it was turnovers and lack of communication on our part."

(on her scoring display) "At halftime, Coach (Summitt) was displeased. We had to get going. In transition, with the post players that we have, we are hard to match up with. Alexis (Hornbuckle) was just finding me. When I had an opportunity, I took it."

(on bouncing back following the loss to North Carolina on Sunday) "We learned a tremendous amount. We need to rebound. I need to rebound. Everybody pitches in. We're just trying to learn and not dwell on the loss. We played hard, but we didn't play smart. We'll get better."


"Coming in, I think we had the right idea, we just couldn't execute for 40 minutes. We made a great run to get it down in the first half, I think the halftime score was 39-32. I thought we were in really good shape with the way the pace of the game was going. In the second half - I think it was 48-44 - I felt good about where we were. We just had no answer for (Sidney) Spencer, to be honest with you. She just unloaded on us. Pretty simple, really. We've played Tennessee six or seven straight times now, and that's the best they've played against our match-up zone. I think a lot of that, obviously, was Spencer. They attacked it a lot better than they did this year. I thought defensively we did a lot of good things, we just couldn't stop that run in the second half.

(on what the right idea was): "For us to beat Tennessee, we had to keep the score in the 60s, high 50s. I thought the pace was right for them. We weren't turning the ball over. One of our goals was not to let them run out, get layups and get into their presses. I thought we did a pretty good job of controlling that. But they just started making shots. Even though they were 8-for-18 from the three-point line, they came at the right time. They were just daggers."

(on UT's post players making passes to Spencer): "They did a good job of finding her today. Before, it seemed like, even with (former Lady Vol Shanna) Zolman, we could get to Zolman. They found (Spencer) today. I thought their posts were much more active. (Nicky) Anosike and (Candace) Parker, we'd double team them, they'd kick it out. We just couldn't get to them on the weak side."

(on Jessica Adair): "Jessica Adair is a sophomore, she's been hurt, she's missed a couple of games. She's still learning, but she's really talented. I think she had 23 points tonight. To play against a Parker, an Anosike, to see that level of player, that's a great experience for her. She had a double-double in the NCAA Tournament last year. But she's missed so many practices with injuries. We tried to isolate her one-on-one on the block and reverse the ball, and had some success. She's going to be a terrific player."

(on the improvement UT's guard play): "It's hard to tell. Last year, in the game at GW, we had (Sa'de Wiley-) Gatewood and (Alexis) Hornbuckle a little flustered, and Zolman to a certain extent. Zolman is a great player. I thought she made everybody better. I think they're still trying to find themselves with (Shannon) Bobbitt and (Cait) McMahan. I think they're going to be good players. I think what happened was, we couldn't make them have to make a lot of decisions. They're going to be an interesting team."

(on defending UT in transition): "You've got to pick your poison. Parker commands that kind of defensive presence. You've got to leave somebody open, but you don't want to leave her open. When you're scrambling in transition, you're going to get to whoever you can get to. She played with more confidence than last year. I guess that would make sense. They seemed to be more in sync with her this year."





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