Postgame Quotes: No. 7 Tennessee 84, No. 20 DePaul 61

Dec. 11, 2011

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(Opening Statement)
"The first four minutes of the game we turned the ball over too much for us but we settled down and I think today we proved that we are not just a three point shooting team. We did not makea three point shot and we told out plrayers our goal is to get the ball in the paint. We had 50 points in the paint and that's what they were striving to do. Make them defend us, whether it was our post players or our guards. Shekinna [Stricklen] and Glory [Johnson] stepped up big for us. They made plays. Shekinna made some defensive stops and that's what we need from her. We need Shekinna to be not just an All-American on paper, but she needs to prove it every day in practice and every day when we play. Glory is not far behind. We rely a lot on Glory and her presence inside. They did a heck of a job today."

(on playing without point guard Ariel Massengale)
"It was a little bit of a blow to us with Massengale out, but we have to be sure we handle it and move on."

(on Massengale's impact so early in her career)
"She is a great point guard. You can't teach the instinct of a point guard. That is a sign of what Ariel Massengale is as a point guard and what she means to this team. She is a great leader, she leads by example, she is smart and she sees the whole floor. She tells the guards everything to do. Great point guards see things and get the ball to whoever needs it, when they need it... It doesn't matter if she is a freshman or a senior. That is not taught, what Massengale has. IT is just a God-given talent and she has taken hold of it and developed into a very nice player."

(on the support for Pat Summitt on the road)
"It is amazing. I think that when you see the impact that Pat has had at the University of Tennessee and we go out and we see fans wearing `We Back Pat' t-shirts on, it is incredible. I was really excited that Pat got the Maggie Dixon Courage award. We all knew what she stood for and we are very proud that Pat had the opportunity to represent Maggie in this way. Pat has a tremendous following and always will. I think it is because not only has she been great for women's basketball players, but she has preached to our players being a woman first and being self-sufficient. She started a real long time ago trying to help develop the game and I think the game is so well on its way. She has a tremendous following and it's a tribute to Pat and what she has done over her career."

(on playing 32 minutes against DePaul)
"That's why we have Heather Mason out there training us all summer long. It was fun to finally get out there. I always just said, `Wait for my time.' The coaches gave me my time today so it felt really good to get out there and get some minutes."

(on her playing time)
"The thing that gets me is how competitive I am. I just want to get out there and compete and do what I can to help my team out. That's kind of hard, but I trust my teammates that they're going to go out there and do just as well. And they have been."

(on the Lady Vols' trip to New York)
"It's a lot of fun. We've walked around, seen the city, a little bit of shopping and a lot of eating. It's great to see different places, especially playing here at Madison Square Garden. It's an honor and I think I can speak for my teammates as well."

(on whether the team talked about its first road game, a loss to Virginia)
"We just like to stay in the present. What's done is done and we can't change it. Live in the present and do what we can."

SENIOR GUARD Shekinna Stricklen
(on going back to the point position after the injury to Massengale)
"Clearly you could see in the first half I was thinking too much, thinking `I know that I'm not a true point guard but I really have to play like one.' In the second half Pat came up to me and said, `Play your game and you will be fine.' That's why I came out in the second half pushing the ball in transition, looking for my teammates in transition and also trying to get to the basket."

(on the effects of playing the point on shooting
"I think because I am thinking a lot [shooting is negatively impacted]. Going back to the point is something I just have to get comfortable with. It is temporary. It is a hard spot to fill, especially after [Ariel Massengale] who is a great point guard. She did a lot for this team. Filling the spot for her is a big spot to fill but it's something that this team needs. Going in under control I know the position, played it for two years, so I am staying positive. My teammates are great behind me and confident with me. They were positive with me throughout the whole game. That's something that makes me feel great."

(on the play of Alicia Manning)
"She is a beast. Even in practice, when she goes she goes hard. In this game - 12 points, 12 boards and four steals. That's A-Town, that's Alicia Manning. She is aggressive. She has always been an aggressive player and when she comes in off the bench that aggressive, the jump - we definitely needed that."

(on Manning contributing inside)
"She can [contribute inside]. In practice she is always doing the post drills. She is capable of shooing the outside jumper but in practice she works with the posts a lot so she can post up any guard that guards her at any point in time."





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