Dec. 21, 2004

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(opening remarks) "What a great atmosphere. These were two very fine teams who fought hard from beginning to end. If you look at the score, the numbers don't really reflect the intensity with which both teams played. Tye'sha Fluker decided to show up. We needed an anchor inside, and she was a strong presence. We had a lot of people who made big plays, and none of them was bigger than the one at the end. Alexis Hornbuckle settled down in the second half and made some big defensive plays. It was a great win. I thought it would go into overtime. (At the end of the game), I wanted a timeout, but I had a flashback to the Duke game, and I said, 'Let it go.' I looked up, and when I saw the full court attack, I saw that we could get a shot off, so I looked the other way (on the timeout)."

(on the game-winning shot by Shanna Zolman) "In practice on game days, (Shanna) Zolman and (Alexis) Hornbuckle have great three-point shooting contests. Zolman is accurate on long range threes. At first, I thought it was short, then I said, 'That's going in.' Shanna didn't have her best game. Credit Stanford. They affected Shanna and Brittany (Jackson) in the first half. I told them at halftime that they have to learn how to get themselves open. I thought Brittany did a good job of that in the second half."

(on the play of senior Brittany Jackson) "The interesting thing is that Brittany put the ball on the floor to create opportunities. She plays north to south. She looks to go straight to the basket."



(on explaining the improved play of Tye'sha Fluker) "Ask her and tell me what she says. I don't know-maybe it was because she was going against West Coast players and was fired up."

"I'm proud for the team. We were bad early. We played ugly. There were some people ready to jump off the bridge, the coaching staff included. They worked hard. After Duke, we got better. The staff was more demanding. I'm proud for them now. After Christmas, we've got Rutgers, Old Dominion, and Connecticut in that order. It's a big challenge. I'm not as concerned about how we do in November, December, and January. I'm more concerned about how we do in March."

(on freshman Candace Parker dressing in the second half) "She'll start practicing on December 26. Dr. (William T.) Youmans gave her the green light. Debby Jennings (Tennessee Associate Athletic Director for Media Relations) wanted her to dress out."

(on limited play of freshman Sa'de Wiley-Gatewood) "It was a game situation. I didn't think it was fair to her. I thought she was ready offensively, but I'm not sure that she was ready defensively. I needed a comfortable point guard. I told her after the game, 'You're still my girl. Don't hang your head on this one.'"

(on Shanna Zolman wanting the ball at the end of the game) "That's who Shanna Zolman is. She wants the ball. Even if she were 0-for-15, she wants that last shot. She's a great shooter. That was probably the most open look that she had the whole game. Thank goodness."

Shanna Zolman

(on whether she saw Coach Pat Summitt signal for a timeout) "I didn't look over to the bench. I saw that there was about four seconds left. I took a couple of dribbles, and let her fly. It's like coach said, 'that was probably the most open shot I had all night.'"

"I worked on my long distance shooting in the off-season. I just let it fly. I'm not going to lie. I knew it was going in. Shyra (Ely) said that she knew, too, because I did my little (shake) thing. I played terrible. Who would have guessed?"

(on the play of Brittany Jackson) "Brittany gave us a huge lift. She got us going. She hit a key three. Stanford guarding our screens wasn't effective, and Brittany took advantage of it. She started the run for us."

"It's good to go on the break with a win and not have a loss hanging over our head or wonder what Coach Summitt might do to us when we get back. We beat a great Stanford team. This is a key win for us. This is how Tennessee should be playing. This is a huge step in the right direction."

Shyra Ely

(on defending Stanford freshman Candice Wiggins) "It was a task. She's a great player. I wanted to limit her touches, get her frustrated, and take her out of her rhythm."

(on Stanford's defense) "We struggled offensively. It was our own mistakes. I'm not sure it was their defense. We were standing on offense. We had some poor judgment, some poor decision-making."


"People certainly got their money's worth. It was a great game, and I am very proud of the way my team played. We are very disappointed with the outcome. Kelley (Suminski) hit a great shot to put us in a position to force overtime, but we were beaten by an equally great shot by Zolman."

"You saw an NCAA tournament game tonight. That is how we prepared for it and that is how we played it. It was a March game played in December."

"Our team struggled with their defensive pressure, but we battled back. We had a two-point game at the half, and we were tied with three seconds to go. It was a great game."

(on losing three-straight close games to Tennessee) "It's hard to be so close. It is not an all or nothing thing, it is a mistake to think that way. We did so many good things today. The loss is painful, but we have to look at the big picture."


"I'm very disappointed with the outcome, but we're not giving up. This game is very motivating. This will stick with us the rest of the season, and we will improve from here."

(on her three-pointer that tied the game) "I was a little surprised (on how open she was). T'Nae set a great screen and I got a good look."



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