Postgame Quotes: Lady Vols 110, Lipscomb 42

Dec. 29, 2013

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Dec. 29, 2013


HEAD COACH Holly Warlick

(Opening Statement)
"Do I usually come in here and smile? I thought we had a complete game. We shot the ball well, but we took shots that were great shots for us. Our defense was solid. I thought we had great performances by several individuals. Everybody got some great playing time. I am very pleased with the outcome."

(On what was liked the most from the game)
"I think our conditioning was really solid. I thought we pushed the ball. We didn't turn the ball over. I goal was to get the ball inside. I think we had sixty-six points in the paint. It was to get good looks and move the ball. I didn't think the ball got stuck in our hands like it had in the past. We got a chance to work on our zone. If I look at things we could get better at, obviously dual penetration, but they are such great shooters. Our goal was to not help, and you had to defend your player one on one. Those are things that we could probably work, but it was a solid game. We had sixty-one rebounds. We speak so much about rebounding. Isabelle Harrison was phenomenal tonight. She played eighteen minutes and had sixteen points. She also had fifteen rebounds. We had some others who had great performances, but obviously Isabelle stands out the most."

(On Harrison outscoring Lipscomb in the second half)
"Isabelle, if you look at her minutes, she is probably one of our most productive players with the minutes that she plays."

(On spreading the ball around)
"The difference in when we have struggled offensively is when we think we had to create shots. A turnaround fade away is a good example. That is not a good shot. We got good shots tonight. We got good looks because we moved the ball. We got the ball inside. We are big. We should be getting the ball inside all the time. I thought we pushed the ball, and we took shots that we can make. When you do that, you are going to shoot fifty-eight percent."

(On how the first half went)
"I loved the first half. I think we started off strong. I had no complaints in the first half. I think everybody got in and contributed. The only thing that I said at halftime was about our free throws. We are going to shoot a ton tomorrow and the next day, but that is just mental. The more we shoot, the more confident we are going to get."

(On bouncing back from Stanford)
"The thing about this - you can't dwell. We watched Stanford yesterday. We saw what we did, we did some great things and some things we can improve on. I think it was a bounce back. We can't dwell on what we did. We have to stay focused in the moment. We had a pretty tough practice the day we came back, it was mentally testing, physically testing, it was up and down. I was very pleased with our conditioning when we came back. Probably since I have been here, that was the best practice we have had post-Christmas. I am really not surprised with how we played. I think Stanford maybe got us focused a little bit more, and tried to understand the significance of playing as a team, moving the ball and getting good looks. We have to make sure we kind of clean up a couple of things, boxing out on the defensive end and making layups and free throws. I think they came back pretty strong."

(On the team's energy today)
"I think you can get lost in this game and get very complacent and I think in the past we have done that. I think they were pretty focused. Maybe Stanford got us a little more focused, I don't know. We did seem to have a, we were a little bit more determined, we listened a little bit better, we followed the game plan a little bit better. If we can learn from our loss, if this is the result, then we will take it."

(On the team's energy during warmup today)
"I don't know. Maybe I should have gone out and watched. I think they had a lot of energy. They had five days off, of rest from basketball. Maybe they were a little bit more energized. It was a great crowd, great crowd. I don't know. If you saw anything let me know. We tend to play on how well we warm up and how into it we are. So that is a great observation."

JUNIOR CENTER Isabelle Harrison

(On if anyone told her how many points she scored compared to Lipscomb)
"No, they didn't tell me they just said to keep working hard and don't let up and we will come out with the score we want."

(On if the break helped them)
" It helped a lot, I missed my family, sometimes you need that grounding to get you back to doing what you need to do. It got everybody refocused, I guess you just have to break from basketball if that makes sense, and we came back ready to work, it really helped."

(On taking this game more serious than games in the past)
"I think honestly, like C (Cierra Burdick) said, we wanted to bounce back from Stanford and show the coaches that we can play team ball, we can play defense. I think we went out there and as a team, we played really well. We took this team serious, and we are going to do that to every team we play from now on."

FRESHMAN CENTER Mercedes Russell

(On being more comfortable)
"Yeah, I think I'm getting more use to the speed and the physical part of it more now." "Every time I go in Dean is telling me to get big and go up strong on every shot."

(On keeping her head up when Cierra Burdick has the ball)
"Oh definitely! She is a great passer. So she is always looking for us."

(On playing more physical)
"That is something I knew that I needed to do. A couple of the last games I was a little finesse. So I just needed to come out strong this game."

(On Jannah Tucker)
"It is super nice having her here. I was really excited to know that she was coming. Especially when she first committed, I was happy because I played with her a few years ago with the U16 team. I know she is a great player, but an even better person."


(On if getting points from the paint was a key point)
"I think that was the biggest key in this game. We knew they couldn't match up with our size so we just tried to work it inside and we just went with the game plan and we won big. I think our posts did a great job of just catching and scoring the basketball, our guards did a good job of feeding them it was a group effort."

(On improving every aspect of their game)
"I think we tried to take it step by step, we realize we are going into SEC play and it is time to start playing Lady Vol basketball. We wanted to bounce back from Stanford we felt like that was a game we could have won.We just had to many errors its just cleaning up those errors I think the fact we could rest our bodies a little bit, we came back energized , a lot of positive energy, and we came out to play."

(On playing point guard)
"I am just going to play whatever they need me to play. I love feeding the ball, honestly, I do. I love it better than scoring. So I am always looking for my post, and they do a great job of catching and finishing."

(On if she liked her first half today)
"I think this one can pass. I think it is acceptable. Like we said, I think this is the first game we have played a full 40 minutes of basketball. We still have things we can get better on and grow from. But as a whole, I think this was a great game by everyone. Everybody contributed. We had so many different rebounds, and so many assists. I think the assists are a great indicator to how well you play as a team. We came out and played team basketball today and that is what we have to do to be successful."



(Opening statement)
"It's Tennessee basketball, and that's what we told them. The word I used was `relentless.' Fortunately, we don't have to beat Tennessee to win a conference championship. That's what we talked about in the locker room. In the locker room, I asked them the lesson they learned from it and that's what's we've got to carry Thursday into the game. For them to see the level and expectation of excellent -- that's what Tennessee is -- and I was fortunate enough to be a part of it and try to carry that on to the team."

(On Tennessee's level compared to earlier in the year)
"I thought offensively, they were much more poised in what they were doing. Definitely had an inside emphasis. I thought their posts were strong. Not relative to us but as far as their positioning, I thought their bases were good. You can tell what they were emphasizing in practice. We've played two other SEC teams. They have a chance to dominate inside."

(On Lipscomb's inside play)
"Physically they're superior. We told them that. What we try to do is positioning and do that. I thought we were out of position some. That's the stuff we have to learn. We've got a lot of young players who have never been in this environment. Tennessee did a good job of exploiting and doing what they had to do. They did not take a possession off. In the end, they were still demanding the ball inside, they were still working angles. They were still doing the stuff that they had worked on in practice."

(On Lipscomb spreading out their offense)
"That's exactly what we talked about. The kind of David and Goliath thing. Not in a big and little way, but we were trying to play a different game than them. The deal was to get the bigs to contain Danay (Fothergill) and Ashley (Southern) on the perimeter. Put our smalls inside a little bit. In the first half, we didn't make any shots. We got good looks at the basket. They took nine more shots than us. Tennessee's going to make you rush the ball, make you do some things. They definitely did it."

(On driving against Tennessee's posts)
"The thing we told them is Tennessee -- from Pat to Holly -- they're going to rotate. They rotate well from the back side. We felt like we could get by the first one. We did not do a good job of it. What we've got to take back from this is where the rotation of the help came from. They did a very good job of rotating and coming down the back side."

(On how game got on the schedule)
"Scheduling is a nightmare and it's always fluid. They had a schedule change. With my connection here a little bit, Coach Beaumont and Holly called. It's a great opportunity for us and I knew it's be a great opportunity for our program A to learn and B for them to return to Nashville next year. It's good for all of us."


(On takeaways from game)
"It was a great experience playing an SEC team like that. You learn the little things that we need to get better at. We did some good things on offense that we can take away. We need to learn -- how we said on defense -- to transition more and rotating and just take some good things from it."

(On playing Tennessee)
"It's Tennessee basketball. Of course it's exciting to play all those big schools to get experience."

(On driving against Tennessee's posts)
"It was good after the first step, but once I got in there, they were big."





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