SEC Coaches Media Teleconference

March 3, 2014


Tennessee Head Coach Holly Warlick

(On team entering the SEC Tournament)
"We are obviously excited about the tournament. I think it is going to be a competitive tournament. I think it's the best conference in the country. I'm just proud of how we ended up and where we are right now and look forward to the tournament."

(On positives about the SEC Tournament being hosted in the Atlanta area)
"Well, I think for us, you just said it, we have a strong fan base and we travel, so if it's within a day's drive for us from Knoxville or all over the country, I just think our fans will really come out and support at that tournament, and it's a lot of fun for us when we have about three-fourths of the gym filled with Lady Vol fans. It's exciting for us to go down there and play."

(On win against South Carolina giving the team momentum)
"No, it's momentum for us. That was a tough game last night. South Carolina is a solid, very well-coached, very good basketball team who won the regular season so we are going to use it as momentum; it's just to follow that into the tournament and just try to stay as focused as we can. We've tried this year to take one game at a time, and yesterday was a pride thing for us. Obviously we weren't going to win the championship, but it's to prepare us for going into the tournament and going to the NCAA Tournament, so definitely we will use it as momentum."

(On other teams making noise at the SEC Tournament)
"Well, I just think this conference this year has been incredible. A lot of teams have taken us down to the wire, LSU, Kentucky is playing well. You look at Georgia; I just think you look at how everybody is playing and what this tournament means. I just don't think you can count too many people out. It's an athletic conference, and it's a conference that has the ability to shoot the three as well. You look at Vanderbilt and how they played at Kentucky, so you've just got to stay focused on who is in your bracket and who's on your side and focus on them. To me, if you look at the overall picture, it makes you get a little nervous because you look at how good all the teams are. For us, we've just got to try to focus on our next game and then it kind of takes away that feel the tournament is overwhelming for us."

(On being one of the three teams to beat South Carolina this year)
"Well, I just think you have to stick to the game plan that you decided, and our defense was outstanding. They have so many weapons, and you've got to make shots. Their defense is so solid, you've got to make shots, and I thought that is what we did yesterday. Our post players hit some pretty tough shots, and they shot a good percentage, so to me it is about getting stops and shooting a solid percentage. They block a lot of shots, and you just can't get caught up in that. You've just got to stick to your game plan and what you feel like is important in what you need to do."

(On working Ariel Massengale back in)
"Well, this whole thing has been out of my hands. As long as she has headaches, she won't play. It's how she feels and how she approaches the tournament. She is working out, and we are trying to get her back to where she can do some things, but haven't had contact, and you just can't hang your hat on the possibility of her coming back. We've adjusted to it. If she comes back, it is a great bonus, but we can't rely on it and say we are going have to Ariel back. I don't know the answer to that. I don't know when she will be back."





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