Holly Warlick Quotes (March 14, 2013)

March 14, 2013

Head Coach Holly Warlick

(On the confidence level of the team)
"I think it's good. This team has always been positive and thinks they can win every game, which I like. I think they understand we have to go back to work and get some practice time and get better at some certain things. I think they feel good about going into the tournament."

(On the coaches' confidence level)
"This is our third season for us. It's great. We took some time off and I thought we needed some time off. Now, we're doing some individual stuff and try to keep their conditioning. Saturday, we'll go back to some team stuff. We're anxious to see where we're going and get prepared."

(On taking some time off after SEC Tournament)
"Immediately I thought we couldn't. We took some time off and are just trying to heal right now. We're doing a lot of individual things, primarily with the defensive end. Then we'll start our team concept stuff on Saturday and go work with our team. We're doing groups right now. I think it's an hour at a time then we'll go do some cardio, non-pounding on our legs."

(On the importance of limiting physical contact right now)
"I did. I wanted us to stay in shape. There's no way we could come back and have three-hour full-blown practice because we're just banged up right now. I think it was important for us to get some time off, heal, get some rehab in and focus on individual needs that we thought we needed to address."

(On Isabelle Harrison)
"She's still rehabbing. She's not doing anything yet. I think it's a day-to-day thing for her. I anticipate that she'll be back but I don't know. It was the first time I saw her since we've been back just this minute ago, but she's still rehabbing it."

(On having the time off)
"In the past, sometimes it's a long time to keep these young ladies focused, but it comes at a great time for us just because we need to rest and take care of some injuries, but still keep them fresh and in condition. That's what we're trying to do. We're trying to space it out and not just totally overwhelm them."

(On the bracket)
"I think we'll probably be a three, which is fine. I'm good with that."

(On August comments about getting into the NCAA Tournament)
"I think so. When we talked in August, we hadn't even seen them on the court. They look good on paper, but we hadn't seen them all together. They've really gelled and got better. The freshmen stepped up, the sophomores have been great leaders, our seniors have been great leaders. It's kind of all come together in a positive way for us. Looking forward to the first and second rounds."

(On foul trouble in Duluth)
"All we're going to be doing for the next three days is all defensive stuff on the court. All defensive individual instruction and trying to get us better individually on the defensive end. That's all we're doing. If that's the case, then we are addressing it. Because we addressed quite frankly, our defensive rebounding was not very good. It has not been very good since we played Texas A&M here. Whether it was a let up by us, I think they understand the importance of you have to get stops. We were scoring just as well, but we couldn't get stops. So it was going to go down to the matter of who was going to miss. We have to do those two things. We gave up too many rebounds."

(On reaching fouls and fouls on rebounds)
"We're watching film as well. We're addressing it when we watch film. Was that a necessary foul? Was that a smart foul? You're reaching. We've addressed that. We watched film yesterday and today, individually, and tomorrow as well. They're getting a lot of attention individually and I think that's important."

(On having Selection Monday at Neyland Stadium)
"It will be weird, it will be strange. We're going to watch it over in the football stadium on the east side. It'll be different, but it'll be fun for these young ladies to experience Selection Monday and I'm anxious to see where they send us."

On the decision to have the watch party at Neyland Stadium
"I made that decision. I didn't want Pat to have the pressure of getting everything ready and have everyone over at her house. That was a decision by myself. Trying to make sure I'm taking care of her."

(On seniors heading into the NCAA Tournament)
"They're seniors. They understand the importance of each day and preparing and getting ready. I think when you're younger you don't necessarily relate to `this could be my last game.' I think they understand the importance of each day, each practice, each moment they can get better and lead this team. They feel what any senior feels. They have to come and bring it, and play their best each game. The first game is the most important. You take care of business then and then it's the next game. I think they understand they don't look ahead and stay in the moment."

(On Pat Summitt's new book)
"They haven't read it. They haven't had the opportunity to get one yet. I think it's important for them to read it, to get to know a little bit more of the history and what all Pat did and the program did to get to this point. I think it's a valid history lesson for htem and one they need to know."

(On not running as much as teams in the past)
"Exactly. See so when they get on that line and think I'm on my last leg and my last breath, they can't run any more than our teams used to run. I know that's how Kyra feels too that `if I made it through it, you can too.'"

(On Chattanooga)
"I think our approach and preparation for that game, we take our preparation a little bit more seriously and our scouting report. We understand the scouting report a lot more. I think we understand that we drew to their attention that any team can get up to play you at anytime, but it doesn't matter who you're playing, you have to bring your A game. You have to bring it and you have to be prepared. We can get up for the big games, but we have to get up for the games we're supposed to win and take care of. If you UTC didn't explain that to us, we got beat that night by a very talented team. We weren't prepared and we weren't prepared for the situation so we constantly remind them where we were and how far we've come."

(On becoming a better team after Chattanooga)
"No question. I think it got us a lot more focused in practice and a lot more focused in our team and unity. Our first four games, three of them were on the road, I don't know if we would've won at UTC, we might now have won at Georgia Tech or Miami. It got us really focused. It got us focused on practice before the pre-game practice. It was a learning lesson for us, it really was, and I think we took it to heart. We got better. We played some tough games to start off. That's what I was concerned about. We most definitely learned from it."

(On using Chattanooga as motivation next week)
"If I need to, absolutely. I want to keep it positive, but we can spin it in a way that it's positive and look how far we've come and where we need to go."





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