Tennessee NCAA Pregame Open Locker Room

March 22, 2013

Isabelle Harrison, Tennessee Sophomore Center

(On her knee)
"You didn't notice my brace anymore, so I'm getting really comfortable with it. It doesn't really inhibit me anymore."

(On collision at practice)
"Well, the practice I remember getting hurt in was before the SEC tournament. That's when -- well I ran into Meighan (Simmons) and Meighan ran into me. Somehow, I hit my knee and stopped then. But yesterday, I don't remember getting hurt at all. I mean we were going against each, but I don't remember it. It probably happened, but I'm fine."

(On right or left knee)
"Yeah, the left is still strong. I'm surprised it hasn't really hurt that much. But the right knee is what I'm really focusing on and getting better. So it's getting better."

(On getting more playing time)
"I'm really excited. Come tournament time, I'm just going to give my all no matter how many minutes I play. I'm just going to be there for my team, and I really just want us to get stronger on the defensive end. If I can bring that presence, then we'll be fine."

Bashaara Graves, Tennessee Freshman Forward

(On playing in her first tournament game)
"I think I'll be a little bit nervous at first, but I also think I'll get the nervousness out the first couple of runs down the court. I'm excited to play in my first NCAA tournament, just to get out there and be a part of something big."

(On the advantages of spring break)
"I think so because our focus is on school and basketball at the same time. It's stressful a little bit. So for us just to be not in school and focusing on basketball right now, I think that helped a lot."

Cierra Burdick, Tennessee Sophomore Forward

(On Holly)
"On thing about Holly is that she's consistent. She's always excited and upbeat. She's just bringing that, carrying it on to the NCAA tournament. She's a bit harder on us in practice as far as having focus and high energy. That's been the main thing, trying to play with a lot of emotion."

(On the mindset of being in a program like Tennessee's)
"Obviously, we've been considered underdogs all year, so in that sense, we can relate to Oral Roberts. In the sense of not having anything to lose, this is a program built on excellence. We have a lot to lose. A lot is expected of us. The Final Four is something expected of every single Tennessee team. That's our goal, that's what we're aiming for, and anything less will, in a sense, be a letdown."

(On the fun of the game)
"Just playing under great coaches. That's where you find the fun at-playing the game you love with the people you love. That's what makes it fun and that's what's worthy of getting up every morning. It's why we train as hard as we do-because we love it."

Meighan Simmons, Tennessee Junior Guard

(On the tournament game at home vs on the road)
"I don't think there's any differences because we have an amazing fan base, and whether we're home or away, our fan base is always there. As far as being here, we've got the home court advantage. We know the baskets, where the good spots are. We should play hard no matter what, no matter where we are."

(On Izzy)
"It's amazing to see Izzy. We've been waiting for her to get back, and it's one of the things we prayed for. We're glad she's healthy. We're going to need her. When she fully recovers and continues to work hard, at the end of the day, she contributes a lot."

(On getting back in the gym after the Texas A&M loss)
"We've had two weeks to get in the gym and get our minds prepared. We let the past go and continued to move forward because we knew we had a bigger stage to play on coming up in two weeks. It's been an amazing feeling. Practices have been amazing. We just have to continue to have energy and be prepared."





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