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Summitt Teleconference Transcript

March 23, 2011

Lady Vol Head Coach Pat Summitt Teleconference Transcript 

Opening Statement:
"Marquette gave us all that we wanted. Thank goodness we had halftime and time to regroup. There's something positive to be said from closing out the game. I think our team learned from that. I also think that being at home they felt a little bit of anxiety, and that is not all bad, though. I'm pleased to get the win. We obviously had a great home crowd and now we move on to Ohio State in Dayton."

On Ohio State Head Coach Jim Foster, who previously coached at Vanderbilt:
"Obviously, Jim Foster has done a good job with this team. I think he's got a really good, solid team. (Senior center) Jantel Lavender is their go-to inside. The guard play is pretty solid too. They do a great job of getting the ball inside. They'll push when they can. Just from watching them, they prefer more of a half court (set), just because they execute more in the half court. They are very schooled in that and they do a great job with ball and player movement."

On junior reserve forward Alicia Manning:
"She's like the x-factor. She can come in and play multiple positions. She's got toughness to her game. With that I really like what she brings to our team. She's got a lot of grit and a lot of focus. I think she is a very strong vocal leader as well."

On Ohio State's size:
"I think we can use our size to our advantage, if everyone is healthy and ready to go. It would help us to have a Kelley Cain, (Lyssi) Brewer and (Vicki) Baugh to help Glory (Johnson) out and to have that size. We went a little smaller in the Marquette game, but I think we are good to go now."

On four-time Big Ten Player of the Year Jantel Lavender:
"She likes the paint. It's not like she's going to step out. She's really good at running the floor and getting paint points. We are going to have to match up early in transition. I think she has a good skill set. She does keep it simple. She is also very aggressive."

On possible anxiety against Marquette:
"I think (it could be) expectations. It's almost be careful what you wish for - getting ready to play and being at home. I thought we were not as energized. We were just not getting after it. We talked about that at our halftime with our defense and board play. There is no guarantee the ball is going to fall where you want it to. We may have to shorten our lineup a little - and that won't bother me. We need to make that commitment in those two aspects of the game."

On the team managing the expectations:
"I wouldn't say that I'm overly concerned. Our focus has to be entirely on the scouting report defense. They have to be invested in that. I would like to be able keep people fresh. Our depth can work to our advantage and has in the past."

On the Lady Vols' mindset heading into the Dayton Regional:
"I am not overly concerned about it. Angie (Bjorklund) called me yesterday, telling me they had a great team meeting. They took it upon themselves to get their focus where it needs to be. We have enough players where we don't have to rely on everybody. Those that go in and are not ready to play - they are not going to play. I do not mind shortening our bench at this time of the year. Depth has been a plus, but it's kind of a wait-and-see. "

On the tournament layout:
"I think our conference has been down this year. What goes around, comes around. Unfortunately, we haven't been as strong in the SEC. Hopefully, in the future that will change. It's all about getting the players, and getting them to play together. We had our trouble with that but I think we are in a pretty good place right now. We'll look at the 16-game conference schedule in our conference meeting. We have a number of things we need to talk about it. It's something we need to take a strong look at."

On the Dayton Regional:
"It's a new day and new game. We just have to get this team focused. Our leadership has to really help us as we go through this tournament. Shekinna Stricklen has got to step up for us. Angie (Bjorklund) didn't shoot the ball well in our last game. I think we understand that we have to be really focused and we have to take care of the ball. We've got really careless at times. We have to be who we are day in and day out. When we step on the floor, we have to take that attitude and commitment."

On physicality of NCAA Tournament games:
"They let you play in the postseason. I do feel like that it's more physical at this time of the year than in the regular season. It's all about that individual and their mindset. At this point in time, you've got to have that mental attitude, and not worry about losing but living in the moment."



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