Tennessee NCAA Pregame Open Locker Room (3/24)

March 24, 2013

Senior G/F Taber Spani

(On comparisons between Creighton and Missouri)
"It's absolutely huge. They are very similar. We respect them and their ability to shoot the three-ball. We just scouted them. At any given time on the court, four or five players can shoot threes and will. That's what they're looking for. WE understand that. I think the big pressure is going to be for us to get into them and force them to put it on the floor. If we can speed them up and pressure them, and let our defense dictate their offense, that's going to be key for us."

(On playing defensively against Creighton)
"You're going to have to limit their open looks so we want to definitely do that. We understand that we don't want to give them any breathing room so whatever defense we're in that's going to be our primary defense."

Junior G Meighan Simmons

(On observations from the Syracuse-Creighton game)
"I think Syracuse let up after a while. What I saw, they weren't playing as close as they should have. With good shooting teams, you have to get in there a little more than what Syracuse was doing. For us to make adjustments, we need play tough, aggressive one-on-one defense, make sure they don't get easy touches, and make them score over us."

Freshman F/C Bashaara Graves

(On fixing mistakes against Missouri)
"During the Missouri game, I don't think we pressured the ball. That would've disturbed their offense a lot more than it did. They wouldn't have gotten up the shots that they did. In our one-on-one defense, we let them drive too much. Every time they drove, we went to our help and they would just pass it out. They are great at that. Against Creighton, we can't do that. We have to have great one-on-one defense."

(On getting rebounds)
"We definitely need to make contact with every single player because with Creighton shooting as many threes as they do, they're going to have long rebounds. We just need to get those and I think that will help our rebounding."

Sophomore PG Ariel Massengale

(On fixing mistakes against Missouri)
"We can't allow them to do what they want to do. We followed Missouri all around the court. We pretty much played their tempo and pace. It was their game. We can't allow that to happen again."

(On importance of rebounding)
"We have to have everyone rebounding. It's something our coaches have been preaching to us all season long. We can't just allow Izzy and Bashaara to get all the rebounds. We know Meighan and I have to get in there and get a few and help them out."

(On having her parents in the stands)
"My parents have always been there. They traveled with my USA team and AAU tournaments. When they're not there, it worries me just not having that comfort of looking up in the stands watching me."

Senior G Kamiko Williams

(On playing her final game in Thompson-Boling Arena)
"Most definitely. It's getting closer to being over. I don't want it to end because you only get the next 40 minutes. I'm just having fun with it now. I'm not trying to think of it as a job. I'm just enjoying the little bit of it that I have left and being with my teammates and being with Taber."




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