Tennessee NCAA Pregame Press Conf. Transcript (3/24)

March 24, 2013

Holly Warlick, Tennessee Head Coach

(Opening statement)
"Great win for us yesterday. Any win is a good win for us. I thought we did some good things. I thought we did some things we will work on today. I was glad to get Izzy back. I thought she competed, and we needed her to step up. I thought she's getting back in the right form for her. Cierra had a little foul trouble yesterday but continued to play hard and do the things that she does - and that's rebound and score the basketball. Overall, I'm proud of the effort and great challenge tomorrow."

(On playing down low tomorrow)
"I think it's huge. We obviously have the height advantage and we plan on using it. I think with Izzy (Isabelle Harrison) in, she just adds another dimension to our inside play and the physicality that we bring. Yesterday, all we said was get the ball inside and that's going to be our goal tomorrow. And it should be our goal. We plan on pounding the ball inside and look to play Izzy and Bashara (Graves) at the same time."

(On defending the 3-pointer)
"Any team that shoots the three is difficult for us because we've had difficulty guarding it all year. It's a focal point for us. When Missouri game in here it was a focal point and we did well. You show up at Missouri and as Cierra said, it was lackadaisical; you're not going to get the job done. Two different teams showed up. We learned a whole lot from our Missouri loss and came back with a great team meeting. We understand the importance of showing up and preparing for each game. You can't just show up and think we're going to beat Creighton. That's not how it works. We're going to prepare against Creighton like we prepared against Notre Dame, Stanford... It doesn't matter. We're going to prepare and make sure our players come and bring their `A' game regardless of who we're playing. That's one thing we've learned from the Missouri game. You can't just show up. It doesn't matter who you play, you've got to bring you're `A' game."

(On the team's mentality and mindset)
"I don't even know if they knew we had won every game (at home) so you kind of drew that to their attention. I think this team understands when you go through a SEC Tournament, and you know the importance of staying in the moment and taking one game at a time, they understand we survived and advanced. That's how we're going to treat it and that's how we're to prepare. We essentially have 40 minutes of basketball left and that's how we've approached it and we'll continue to do that. We can't look ahead. We should be past the jitters of playing in big games. We've played in too many big games. That's why we play the schedule we do. Will they be prepared... Absolutely. They've got a game under their belt and now we're moving on to round two."

(On Isabelle Harrison coming off the bench)
"I like our starting group right now. They've gotten us off to a great start. I like bringing Izzy off the bench. I think right now she's comfortable with that as well. Izzy has been through two knee injuries and an ankle, so I think outside of obviously being injured, she's been upset that she hasn't been able to play and contribute. She's comfortable with coming off the bench and contributing in the way that she is doing right now."

Isabelle Harrison, Tennessee Sophomore Center

(On her health)
"Last night, I think I was still hyped up off the excitement just from getting back and being able to play with my team. I mean last night after it kind of faded off I felt it a little bit, of course, but I just did my nightly regimen with the things J-Mo (Jenny Moshak) has been telling me to do. This morning, I was feeling good, and I'm just ready to practice."

(On getting comfortable with her knee brace)
"Just a little bit just as far as striding. I'm not able to stride like I used to. I think I'll be fine with it, even with it on."

Cierra Burdick, Tennessee Sophomore Forward

(On prior games with Missouri)
"Well just looking at the first game and the second game, our defensive pressure and aggressiveness was night and day. When we apply that pressure and that aggressive defense that we played in the first half, we're very successful. If we play lackadaisical - not pressure defense - that we played at their house, it would've been a totally different outcome. It's important for us tomorrow that we bring the pressure and apply defense - hard defense - for 40 minutes and just bring the pressure."

(On home-court advantage)
"I mean I think it just speaks to the tradition and the legacy that Holly and Pat have built. We come here to play because of stats like that. I don't think it's pressure at all. It's an expectation, if anything. We want nothing but greatness, and that's what the coaches expect from us. We just need to come in tomorrow and play our best basketball, and everything will take care of itself."





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