Quick 18 With Chessey Thomas
Chessey Thomas

March 19, 2013

Junior Chessey Thomas has posted three top-25 individual finishes this season, including tying for eighth at the FSU Match-Up in February. Check out this week's Quick 18 with her.

1. What is the best concert you have every attended?
Darius Rucker

2. What is your favorite sports movie?
A League of Their Own

3. Who is your favorite sports broadcaster?
Bob Costas

4. Who are your favorite athletes?
Tim Tebow, Keegan Bradley and Bubba Watson

5. What are some of your hobbies?
Going to the lake with family and friends

6. Where is the toughest course you have ever played?
The Blessings (University of Arkansas)

7. Name a magazine cover you'd like to be on:

8. What is the best part about living in Knoxville?
Football season in the fall

9. What has been your best moment at Tennessee?
Getting the opportunity to travel to East Asia with Athletes in Action

10. Who is the most famous person you have met?
John Stockton

11. What is your first memory of golf?
I finally convinced my dad to take me with him to play one Saturday and I got into the flower bed by the pro shop, and tore it up with my golf club. We were asked to leave and not come back anytime soon.

12. What has been your most memorable moment in college athletics so far?
Going to Seattle for the West Regional my freshman year and being with my mom on Mother's Day that weekend.

13. If you didn't play college golf, what would you play?

14. Who has had the greatest impact on your life?
My Mom and Dad

15. What is the best advice a coach has given you?
Be who you are as a golfer and be confident in that, play your game.

16. If you had $1 billion dollars, what would you do with it?
What any athlete would do, buy my mom a car. In all seriousness, I would save a lot of it and also support those doing mission work around the world.

17. If you were stranded on a deserted island, who would you want by your side?
From a survival standpoint, I would choose Bear Grylls, but from a company standpoint, any of my roommates because even then, I don't think we would run out of stuff to talk about.

18. Finish this sentence, I wanted to become a Lady Vol because:
Because of the success and deep tradition surrounding the Lady Vol golf program. When I came for my recruiting visit, I really liked Judi and felt that the program was a good fit for me. As I was leaving from my visit, I told my parents that if I decided to try to qualify for the LGPA, I thought that I would be the best prepared from being coached by Judi, and through my experience as a member of the Lady Vol golf team.





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