Making the Rounds with Monberg

July 8, 2013

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Hello again,

It is now time for an update from Korea! We have our last day here today and time is going by too fast! In one week we will return to L.A. and I will fly back to Denmark.

On Thursday, we drove up to Nagano and we had a welcoming dinner with the president of the golf course. They have a lodge there so we stayed at the course. The golf course was called Sugadaira Green Golf and was the highest placed course in Japan - which means we all got some extra length! On Friday we played 18 holes in Japanese style with lunch in between the front and back nine, and at night we had a celebration dinner where the majority of the city came by to welcome us. On that day I did something I had never done before, I started with three birdies on holes 10, 11, 12 and shot 33 on the back. I could not keep my putting going on the back but I shot 38 and a score of 71. I was the low score of the day and at dinner I won a kimono. Such a cool gift to get and have as a memory!

On Saturday, there were a lot more people in the tournament so we still played Japanese style golf but we played the front nine twice and with two different groups. I played decent and shot 72!

After play we packed our things up and headed back to Tokyo, we had an early flight to Korea Sunday morning. We landed in Korea all excited and happy to see a new country. We got to our hotel and then headed to a big shopping place where we got our souvenir shopping done and looked at all the things you could buy. It was fun because it is a kind of bargaining shopping and we were all trying to see how good we were at it! I didn't buy too much myself and it might be because my bargaining was not too great.

We had another day off on Monday where we had all day to do what we wanted. It was nice to have another day off since we played so much golf in Japan but it is limited how much shopping I could keep doing so I was ready for golf on Tuesday!

Unfortunately the round on Tuesday got cancelled because of rain so we had lunch with the sponsors in a Korean style barbecue. It was so good and I like the food in Korea better than Japan.

Afterwards we went city sightseeing into smoke temples that is located in the city. We were all really bummed that we did not get to play because the next round would be Thursday. The sponsors from Tuesday's round got two tee times for Wednesday so they could take four girls out to play Namboo Golf Course. This course is a very exclusive course and to become a member costs $1 million! I was one of the lucky four to get picked to play and I was so excited to get to go play golf again and also to play that course! After not playing in five days I was a little rusty. The course was as beautiful as we thought and we enjoyed getting to play golf again! We wish all the girls could have played the course but the course we played on Thursday was just as nice.

We did not have many sponsors on Thursday's match. There were more players than sponsors, but that meant we got to play together which was really nice. We have all been on this trip for a long time now and we play a lot of golf but none of us have an idea how the other girls play their game.

I played with Shena (she played at University of South Florida) and our leader Larry. After golf we had a six-course dinner and I do not think I have ever felt this full before! But it was great!

Today, we play our last round in Korea and tomorrow morning we will fly to Hong Kong for our last six days on this amazing trip!

Until next time!





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