Making the Rounds with Monberg

July 18, 2013

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I have now returned to Denmark after an amazing trip to Asia and we finished up in Hong Kong which was an amazing city. I loved Hong Kong and I am ready to go back again tomorrow!

We left Korea early on Saturday morning. It is a tradition on this trip that we end our visit with a Korean barbecue for breakfast. We all got up at 5:30 a.m. and had breakfast at 6 a.m. eating rice and meat! It was a very strange breakfast but surprisingly it tasted good!

When we arrived in Hong Kong we immediately walked around to take a look at the city. We lived right in the middle and we could easily take the subway around. It was different from the other places because we could not walk around like this!

On Sunday we spent sightseeing and shopping! We saw some of the beaches and the weather was so nice but very warm! In the afternoon one of the sponsors took us out on his boat and we went to a local island which was filled with fish restaurants where we had a family style seafood dinner. This was the best seafood I had ever tasted in my life. When we arrived, we saw aquariums with the fish and we could pick which ones we wanted so everything was freshly made!

On Monday we had to play our first round in Hong Kong. We played at Hong Kong Golf Club. This is the golf course that hosts the Hong Kong Open so it was very cool we got to play it and on hole 15 there was a view to look at China! We hadn't played for a few days and with no warm-up, I really struggled to get my game together on the front nine. But then I got it back on the back nine and shot even and ended up having the best score of the day at 75. Not the best score but we were all really rusty with all the traveling and sightseeing.

We did not get back until late and on this night another sponsor had invited us to dinner at the Hong Kong Club which is one of the oldest buildings in Hong Kong and a very prestigious place to be eating! Again the dinner was family style but this time, two chefs arranged our food in front of us. The food in Hong Kong was absolutely amazing.

Tuesday we were out to play again but this time at Discovery Bay which is a golf course located on an island. We had to take a ferry there. The day was so beautiful and the course was located pretty high so we had views all over Hong Kong. There were some holes were I took more pictures and almost forgot to play golf. This day I played with Larry, our leader, and one of the other girls, Samantha! We were joined by one of the sponsors, who had played golf with Martin Kaymer in Germany and played on the German National Team. Nam, the sponsor, and I were a team against Larry and Sam. Larry had six shots on Nam, and Sam had four shots on me. The match did not start too well and Nam and I were 2 down after nine, we got it back but lost again. With three holes left we were still 2 down. But I birdied 16, and Nam birdied 17 which made us all square up on 18. Nam and I ended up winning, which was awesome (of course), and it was so much fun to play for something again. Many of the rounds we have played for fun so it felt good to have some competition into it again.

We had Wednesday off and one of the sponsor's daughter took us out on their yacht to play around with jetski and some went wave boarding. Being on a three-story boat was so much fun with all the other girls!

Thursday was our last day in Hong Kong. I was so sad. We also had our last golf round at the Hong Kong Golf Club. It was an all ladies tournament which was so much different than always playing with the males. It was so much fun and we got to play at the same tees as them and just enjoy our last day.

We were all so sad on Thursday afternoon because that was our last day. It is amazing how good to get to know nine girls in such a short amount of time. We all had so much fun. It is weird to think about we had only known each other for three weeks!

Friday morning we took the bus to the airport and got ready for our flight back to L.A. We all got separated from there when we left for our flights back home. I had an eight-hour layover and then a 24-hour travel home. It took me 46 hours to get home from Hong Kong. Very exhausting but it was so worth it. I had one of the best trips of my life and I wish I could go back again next year!

This trip was a great ending for me for my four years at Tennessee but also my golf career. I have had so many fun times with my game and I know I will keep playing but I will now go back to being a golf golfer and play with no practice :)

Thank you to everyone I have met the past four and a half years. I have had so many fun times that I have probably forgotten half, but it has all been through my love of the game of golf and others' love to it as well. I wish I had a time machine and could take back time and relive my college years one more time!

All the best,





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