Where Are They Now Wednesdays: Angie Boyd Keck
Angie Boyd Keck

Oct. 2, 2013

Angie Boyd Keck is the Associate Athletics Director for Business/Internal Affairs at UT. She is also the Tennessee men's and women's golf Sport Administrator.

Boyd Keck got her start with UT during the 1994-95 season, when she was the assistant women's golf coach with the Lady Vols. Prior to her coaching stint, she was a member of the inaugural Lady Vol golf team in 1992. Boyd Keck captained the 1993-94 squad to a 13th-place NCAA finish in 1994. She was named to the Academic SEC Honor Roll in both her years as a player and earned a spot in the Lady Vol Hall of Fame in the Fall of 2005.

A 1994 graduate of Tennessee, Boyd Keck earned her bachelor's degree in public administration. In 1997, she received her master's in sport administration from UT. Boyd Keck and her husband, Kelly, reside in Dandridge with their son, Josh, and daughter, Sidney.


Q: So Angie, update us on what you are doing?
A: "I'm currently the Associate Athletic Director for Business and Internal Affairs at the University of Tennessee."

"I went into assistant coaching (for the women's golf team) right after I graduated from college. I coached for three years. I then got into the administrative side of things with the women's athletic department, doing events and facilities and student athletic service type stuff. I did that until 2000 when I was promoted to Assistant Athletic Director and became a Sports Administrator at that time. I guess it was around 2008 when I moved to the business office. That's when we started combining different units and I went to work in the business office."

Q: We know that you were part of the first women's golf team at the University of Tennessee in 1992. Can you tell us about some of your fondest memories from those years?
A: "I played from 1992 to 1994 for Linda Franz, our very first women's golf coach at Tennessee. My fond memories were just traveling with my teammates. It was always fun. Also watching all the freshmen come in and seeing how overwhelmed they were with the whole Tennessee experience when they first get here and then seeing them grow up."



"But just the trips we went on. I remember traveling to California a couple of times and going to the San Diego Zoo. Also going to eat at the local establishments in all those towns we played in and we got to play at some great golf courses."

Q: You obviously work at Tennessee, but do you still keep up with the Lady Vols golf team?
A: "Absolutely, yes! I'm the Sport Administrator for the women's golf team, and the men's golf team. So I keep up with both of them. I try and travel with our ladies as much as I possibly can."

Q: What are your thoughts on the current team and do you have any advice for the new Lady Vols?
A: "I think this current team is going to do great things. We have a young team with only one senior on the team in Chessey Thomas. I think Chessey has been doing a great job thus far leading this team and she is a great player. I'm very much looking forward to what she is going to do with her senior year."

But it's a young team yet very talented and capable team. I thought they played very well at the Mercedes-Benz Championship here in town. They were just a few strokes away from having a very, very good tournament. I thought they finished well for it being this early in the season."

"My advice for them would be just to have fun and enjoy this time. I know it seems like you could be stressed out going to class and all that kind of stuff. But it's actually so much fun and they'll look back on these times as having a lot of fun. Just enjoy it while you're going through it."

Q: Lastly, are there any entertaining stories you could tell us about your time with the Lady Vols?
A: "Well this is not when I played, but when I travel with the current team. They like to think it's a joke, but Chessey (Thomas) got me to try sushi for the first time. I was not a huge fan, but they say it grows on you. I guess I need to keep trying it."

"Also wherever we go, Chessey likes to tell the wait staff at the restaurants that it's my birthday. So that's her joke on me every time. But I just love traveling with the team and getting to know our players. Judi Pavon is absolutely great to work with and Erika Brennan is new and I think she is a great addition coming from a head coach at a smaller school at Saint Leo to an assistant here. She will be able to help Judi out tremendously. I'm really looking forward to what we do this season and in the spring especially."



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