Where Are They Now Wednesday: Ginny Brown
Ginny Brown

Nov. 6, 2013

Ginny Brown is a former Lady Vol golfer. Brown played for the Tennessee women's golf program from 2007 to 2010. During her Lady Vol career, Brown had a career best finish of third at the 2009 Mercedes-Benz Championship. She was named a two-time NGCA Academic All-American (2007 and 2008) and a four-time SEC Academic Honor Roll member (2007-2010).

The native of Austin, Texas is currently playing professional golf in Australia.

Ginny Brown

Q: Ginny, update Lady Vol fans on what is happening in your life?
A: "Well I graduated [from Tennessee] three years ago. I've been playing professionally since then. I've played on the Symetra Tour, Canadian Tour and last year I did the Australian Tour. Actually I'm going to play on the Australian Tour again this year.

"I live in Knoxville now. I'm originally from Austin, Texas. After I graduated, I moved home and I just moved back up [to Knoxville] in April. It's definitely been fun to be back up here around football season and I get to see the Lady Vols out at the golf range a little bit. It's just good to be back around the university. It's fun."

Q: That is awesome that you were able to travel and see so many places right after graduating. What are some of your favorite experiences from the past three years on Tour?
A: "I love traveling. Obviously, I've done it my whole life. The coolest thing I've done so far is go to Australia for two months. I went for all of January and all of February. It was summer there so it was perfect. Here there isn't much to play because the weather is so terrible in the winter. Over there, they had co-sanctioned events from the Australian Ladies Professional Golf Association and the European Tour hosted events together. There also was an LPGA event over there that I tried to qualify for but didn't get into. And there were some Pro-Ams in the beginning as well so it was just a great way to start the season.



"I got to travel all over the southeastern part of Australia and we went to New Zealand for a couple of weeks for an event other there. So while I was there my mom was able to come over for two weeks and then my boyfriend was able to come over and caddie for me. He is a professional golfer, too. He played at Tennessee as well. His name is David Holmes. So that was an awesome experience to share with each other. As a golfer, I just felt that the experience was so valuable, getting to play in these higher tier events. Some of the events had over 1,000 people watching. In one of the Pro-Am events, I got paired with Laura Davies which was awesome! She is just like the coolest lady you'll meet. Just experiences like that while being there was great. I couldn't have asked for anything better. I'm excited to do that again this year."

Q: It's been a few years since you were playing for the Lady Vols, but can you recall some great memories from your time on Rocky Top?
A: "I graduated in 2010. Nicole Smith was just a year older than me and was basically my big sister on the team. She is kind of the reason I came to Tennessee. I played with her in junior golf and she mentioned how I should look at Tennessee as she had recently committed. I thought it sounded like a cool place. So that's how it all kind of got started. I ended up committing to come to Tennessee before I had even seen it. I talked to Judi Pavon and Carrie Parnaby and it all sounded awesome plus I wanted to compete at a big school.

"The biggest thing about being on the team was growing up and becoming a serious golfer. It became an important thing. I felt like in high school I thought it was just fun but after coming to Tennessee it really prepared me for what I'm doing now.

"As far as fond memories, I loved just being part of the team. We had so many different individuals. We had international players, we had people from the west coast and we had people from the south. So getting to learn all of those personalities and try to make it all work together was sometimes a challenge but was also really fun. To get to be in such a diverse environment, it was a lot of fun."

Q: Have you been able to follow the current Lady Vols team?
A: "Well I know Chessey Thomas the best as she came on a recruiting visits when I was in school. But I have gotten to meet the girls. The team came to Austin, Texas recently for a tournament while I was actually there. So my family took the team out and we got to hang out with them. It was really fun to just reflect back and get to host them. I also went out and watched the Mercedes tournament in Knoxville.

Q: Being a Lady Vol golf alum, what advice do you have for the current and future Lady Volunteers?
A: "The best advice I would have to say would be to just enjoy themselves and to just play like you're playing for yourself and you're playing for fun. It's just such a bonus that you get to represent the university. I would also say just go and do as many things as possible such as be active in clubs and go to all the sporting events and go hang out with your friends and just make it the time of your life because it is a special time in your life. It's definitely what you make of it."

Q: Lastly, are there any entertaining stories you could tell us about your time with the Lady Vols?
A: "Let's see, I think it was my senior year. Judi is the most organized, impressive human being on the planet. So every tournament we had very specific lists of what to pack and what our uniforms were going to be. If you packed the wrong shirt for that day, you weren't going to be able to play. So it was a big deal.

"Well we were playing at the Bryan National Collegiate, we all called each other the night before and got our assistant coach Andrew Pratt in on it, too. We got everybody to wear an outfit from a different day other than what was scheduled so we all showed up at breakfast wearing this exact same thing. So then Judi walked in with a different shirt and color scheme. She immediately panicked and ran to the elevator to go back upstairs to change. We didn't even have time to tell her we were joking because she never messes things up like that. It was so fun. We were laughing pretty hard that week."



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