Minnesota Outrows Lady Vols in Spring Opener
Lady Vol Rowing

March 24, 2013

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. - The University of Tennessee women's rowing team began the 2013 spring season with a series of competitive races Sunday against the University of Minnesota on the Tennessee River outside the Lady Vol Boathouse.

"Going in, everyone was excited to break open the spring racing season" head coach Lisa Glenn said. The rowing team raced four boats in total against the Golden Gophers, the 2V4+ on Saturday afternoon and the V4+, V8+ and 2V8+ on Sunday morning.

On Saturday, the 2V4+ completed the 2000-meter course in 7 minutes and 39.8 seconds while Minnesota finished first with a time of 7 minutes and 18.8 seconds.

This race was the Golden Gopher's fifth race of the spring season. Their V8+ won its fourth-straight race with its time of 6 minutes and 23.0 seconds, defeating the Lady Vols by 13.5 seconds.

"Coming out of this race, we've got so much to look forward to this week. Our crews are not pleased with the results, and have the tools needed to press forward in our season and into new racing territory; now is the time to utilize them."

The Lady Vols will return to competition on Saturday on Melton Hill Lake in Oak Ridge, Tenn. against 18th-ranked Louisville.


I Eights - MN: 6:23.0/TN: 6:36.5

II Eights - MN: 6:31.7/TN: 6:40.8

I Fours - MN: 7:18.4/7:26.9/TN 7:36.4

II Fours - MN: 7:18.8/TN 7:39.8


I Eights (6:36.6)

Ashley Fichthorn, Liza Rader, Jennifer Bailey, Erika Johnson, Rachel White, Evelyn Radford, Katie King, Rachel Whitaker, Taylor Athan

II Eights (6:40.8)

Rachel Clagett, Kaitlan Aries, Andrea Keesecker, Katherine Changes, Victoria Bartell, Liz Dickson, Arin Anderson, Anita McLure, Sarah McAuliffe

I Fours (7:36.4)

Jessie Richardson, Michelle Goodwin, Whitney Wolfe, Kayla Lucier, Sarah Cavins

II Fours (7:39.8)

Erin Allen, Makenzie Hoffmeyer, Erin Gibbemeyer, Kahala Schneider, Emily Cornelius





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