Big Orange Takes Two Against Louisville

March 30, 2013

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OAK RIDGE, Tenn. - The Lady Vol rowing team placed first in two races against 18th-ranked Louisville on Saturday morning in Oak Ridge, Tenn.

The series of races began with the novice eight where Louisville came in first place with a time of 7 minutes and 1 second, followed closely by Tennessee's first novice eight boat with a time of 7 minutes and 9 seconds and the second novice eight with a time of 7 minutes and 26 seconds.

The 2V8+ took to the water second during the day in a close race where Louisville snagged first place by 3.8 seconds with a time of 6 minutes and 39.5 seconds. Tennessee pushed through to the end closing the gap and finishing the course in 6 minutes and 43.3 seconds.

In the first win of the day, Tennessee's 2V4+ held onto the first place slot with a time of 7 minutes and 38.9 seconds taking down Louisville with a time of 7 minutes and 49.8 seconds.

Following Tennessee's victory, the first varsity eight fell behind Louisville by 10.4 seconds and completed the course in 6 minutes and 37.9 seconds while Louisville had a time of 6 minutes and 27.5 seconds.

The V4+ came in second place crossing the finish line on Melton Hill Lake in 7 minutes and 36.3 seconds.

To conclude the day in Oak Ridge, the novice four took first place with a time of 8 minutes and 6 seconds.

Next up the Lady Vols will pack their bags and head to Ohio to race Ohio State University and the University of Michigan in Columbus on Saturday, April 6. The Tennessee varsity 4+ shined last year when facing OSU and Michigan, coming in second and third in two races.

N8: 1. Louisville (7:01), 2. Tennessee (7.09) ) MaryNell Hayes, Morgan Suffridge, Erin Rogers, Sarah Hagaman, Hannah Waddell, Sydney Trentham, Taylor Phillips, Alisha Weir, Abigail Powers, 3. Tennessee (7:26) Madeleine Hartle, Lindsey Limerick, Mitra Mosadegh, Jamie Vice, McDarragh Minnock, Olivia Oliasani, Rachel Schwepfinger, Emily Newman, Tabitha Davis
2V8: 1. Louisville (6:39.5), 2. Tennessee (6:43.3) Rachel Clagett, Kaitlan Aries, Sarah McAuliffe, Katherine Changes, Arin Anderson, Jennifer Bailey, Victoria Bartell, Anita McLure, Rachel Whitaker
2V4: 1. Tennessee (7:38.9) Erin Allen, Maddie Bishop, Emily Cornelius, Kahala Schneider, Mary-Hannah Daugherty. 2. Louisville (7:49.8)
V8: 1. Louisville (6:27.5), 2. Tennessee (6:37.9) Ashley Fichthorn, Katie King, Liza Rader, Rachel White, Andrea Keesecker, Liz Dickson, Erika Johnson, Taylor Athan, Evelyn Radford
V4: 1. Louisville (7:31.4), 2. Tennessee (7:36.3) Jessie Richardson, Michelle Goodwin, Whitney Wolfe, Kayla Lucier, Sarah Cavins
N4: 1. Tennessee (8:06) MaryNell Hayes, Morgan Suffridge, Hannah Waddell, Alisha Weir, Erin Rogers, 2. Louisville (8.23)





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