Oct. 30, 2004

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn.- With its first race in Knoxville of the 2004-05 season, the University of Tennessee women's rowing team put on quite a performance in front of the Big Orange faithful, claiming three gold medals and winning two races by over 40 seconds each at the Head of the Tennessee on Saturday, Oct. 30.

UT's Championship 8+ "A" shell, comprised of Molly Oellerich (cox.), Kaitlin Bargreen, Dana Forbes, McKenzie Craig, Lauren Wells, Chelsea Pemberton, Katie Payne, Rachel Mayberry and Andrea Bagwell, covered the three-mile course in 18:07.34 en route to the triumph, 43 seconds ahead of the nearest competitor, Clemson, finishing a distant second at 18:50.60.

The Lady Vols second entrant in the Championship Eight finished fifth, as the shell comprised of Jovanna Vick (cox), Marissa Allen, Sarah Hutcheson, Stephanie Williams, Heather Hill, Nina Dobratz, Kristen Galloway, Marisa Mohan, and Krista Gearing, finished in 19:23.07. Tennesseeâ?TMs last entrant crossed the finish line in sixth place, with Stephanie Davis (cox), Melissa DiCerbo, Elizabeth Schwartz, Mary Jones, Genevieve Collins, Jennifer Gerlach, Olivia Marnell, Jacqueline DeVar, and Adrienne Long clocking in at 19:35.03.



In the Championship 4+ competition, Lady Vol boats exuded their dominance, claiming the top three finishes, with the shell comprise of Oellerich (cox), Bargreen, Wells, Forbes and Craig leading the way at 19:05.11. The second Orange shell finished 45 seconds later, with Vick (cox), Allen, Hutcheson, Williams, and Gearing crossing the finish line in 19:50.57.

Tennessee also claimed gold in the Open Pair event, as the Orange â?oeBâ?? boat piloted by Dobratz and Collins, finished first in 23:03.64, just ahead of teammates Dicerbo and Hill (23:18.14), DeVar and Jones (23:25.22) and Gerlach and Galloway (24:33.41).

The Lady Vols will be in action again on the Nov. 14 when they travel to Charlottesville, Va., for the Rivanna Romp.

Head of the Tennessee
Oct. 30, 2004

Championship Eight
1. UT "A" (18:07.34) - Oellerich (cox), Bargreen, Craig, Forbes, Pemberton, Bagwell, Payne, Mayberry and Wells.
2. Clemson 'A' (18:50.60)
3. Clemson 'B' (19:05.86)
4. Dayton 'A' (19:19.58)
5. UT "B" (19:23.07) - Vick (cox), Allen, Hutcheson, Williams, Hill, Dobratz, Galloway, Mohan, and Gearing.
6. UT "C" (19:35.03) Davis (cox), DiCerbo, Schwartz, Jones, Collins, Gerlach, Marnell, DeVar, and Long.
Championship Four
1. UT "C" (19:05.11) - Oellerich (cox), Bargreen, Wells, Forbes, and Craig.
2. UT "B" (19:50.57) - Vick (cox), Allen, Hutcheson, Williams, and Gearing.
3. UT "A" (20:03.29) - Davis (cox), Schwartz, Bagwell, Pemberton, and Mayberry.
4. Clemson "A" (20:22.93)
5. Clemson 'B' (21:03.41)
Open Pair
1. UT "B" (23:03.64) - Dobratz and Collins.
2. UT "A" (23:18.14) - DiCerbo and Hill.
3. UT "D" (23:25.22) - DeVar and Jones.
4. UT "C" (24:33.41) - Gerlach and Galloway.
5. Emory A (25:46.48)
Novice Eight
1. Clemson 'A' (19:11.75)
2. Clemson 'B' (20:10.03)
3. MSU 'A' (20:46.83)
4. Dayton 'C' (20:57.47)
5. Dayton 'B' (20:54.73)
6. Georgia 'A' (20:57.20)
7. Tennessee-Chattanooga (20:59.62)
8. UT 'B' (21:04.54) Kelly Todd (cox), Sarah Moseley, Katie Stokes, Renee Cheverette, Guila Geurrero, Courtney Montgomery, Shannon Rich, Danielle Bregar, and Camille Adams.
9. Tulane 'A' (21:09.62)
10. Emory 'A' (21:10.86)
17. UT 'A' (22:52.85) -Angel Vogel (cox), Renee Brittle, Mary McKnight, Leah Smelser, Kathy Kirkpatrick, Kendra Warren, Lindsay Ehrlic, Christy Boner, and Madeline Merrill.
24. UT 'C' (25:10.48)- Alicia Tripodi (cox), Sydney Bonham, Meghan Wortham, Ashli Bumbalough, Lindsey Morrison, Whitney Williams, Ericha Baskerville, Stefanie Burns, and Nicki Klein.



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