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Lady Vol Rowing Winter Training Diary Entry 5
Erika Lauderdale

Erika Lauderdale

Jan. 7, 2010

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By Erika Lauderdale, Sophomore, Bartlett, Tenn., Exercise Science

Today was a step in the right direction for me personally and within the team. The past few days we have been in sculling boats in the morning and big team boats in the afternoon. Sculling is all new to me and having the opportunity this morning to get more time on the water and take more strokes in the quad was something that I was really looking forward to getting to learn. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning this other style of rowing and have seen many aspects of practicing in the quad carry over into sweeping in the larger boats.

Being in the larger boats has really been enjoyable. It has been great to take things learned in the smaller boats and transferring it to the 8+ boats, where we have a little more stability and speed. The past two afternoons that we have been in large boats have been a huge learning experience. I've had some amazing rows. Only being here for five days, I have already learned so much. Having fewer distractions really provides an atmosphere of focus and learning and we are able to just devote our time and energy to rowing and leaving Florida a changed athlete.



Our suitcases were packed for 70 to 80 degree weather because we were on our way to Florida, but little did we know we were going to be bracing for temperatures in the 30s. Everyone has taken all of these obstacles in stride and has worked through the cold and blustery conditions. Wet docking has been a fun and comical experience.

I have really enjoyed spending this time with the novices and have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them better. They have really been stepping up to make that gap from novice to varsity seem seamless. They all are committed and willing to learn and take advice from the coaching staff and upperclassman. They are a very flexible group of young ladies and are a strong asset to this team. I hope they are having as much fun on this trip as I am.

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