Lady Vol Rowing Winter Training Diary Entry 7

Jan. 13, 2010

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By Rachel Dooley, Junior, Journalism and Electronic Media

Waking up this morning to another windy and cold day seemed to not be as big of a deal as usual because we knew we had to bare the cold water just one more time.

Arriving at the course occurred as usual with a one-mile warm up run. But once we arrived Coach decided to add some more activities before going on the water. To begin the competitiveness for the day the team sat in two rows facing each other in the layback position. Coach handed both lines a football and we raced to see who could get it to the other side the fastest. With a couple people on both sides dropping the ball we did one last round that ended in a declared tie. On top of the extended warm up we did some side plank walks, jumping jacks and finished off with 20 sit-ups where the team interlocked arms and legs and moved together.

After receiving our lineups I was so excited that we kept things the same. Our lineup had been working very well together the past couple days and I couldn't wait to expand on the progress a little more. The only difference between the past couple practices had been the rotation of coxswains besides that the boat was exactly the same. So for one last time we walked over to boat and started to get fired up about the row ahead of us.

For the most part of our trip we were fortunate to have the whole waterway to ourselves. But over the past couple days other crews like Browns men's team, Wisconsin and Iowa have all arrived. Having to share the water is not something we were used to and it proved to be a learning experience for our coxswains. It was kind of exciting having the other crews around it really ups the intensity level of our boats. When other crews are around you that you know you will be racing in the short months ahead, it makes you want to just prove you are the best you can be.

On the water we continued working the top part of our stroke while adding much anticipated power to the good strokes that we were taking. A lot of the work we have done over the week was to feel the top of our stroke when our blades enter the water. The strokes that were taken today pieced together all the parts that our team needs to be fast this spring and it was really exciting to realize we are on the right track to perfecting the stroke. To finish up our last row in Florida we did short power bursts where we focused on moving the boat a little more each stroke, over exaggerating everything we had learned this past week. Even with the wind and rough water my boat was feeling the acceleration better than ever before and the feeling that you feel when you know you're doing it right is sometimes hard to contain. In the last ten strokes we took of the day we were all very proud of what we accomplished and passed around huge high-fives.

Florida's weather was overall disappointing but there is no doubt in my mind that Tennessee showed up to get work done and we are able to leave here tomorrow and know that we left it all on the water. As a junior this has been my third time coming to Florida for winter training and I am very confident this year leaving Florida that I have improved my stroke more than any year prior to this. This only make me more excited for the racing season ahead.





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