Senior Class Rowing's Ticket to Success
The Lady Vol rowing program will graduate ten seniors this season

Feb. 11, 2013

By Courtney Fritts

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -  The 2013 rowing season is just about a month underway and athletes, as well as coaches are looking for that path to success - that opportunity to strive for more, to take inches and seats on opposing crews.

Graduating this May will be ten seniors on the Lady Vol rowing team. This excess of experience just might be their golden ticket to success.

The Lady Vols haven't taken a trip to nationals since these seniors' freshman year; that fact is what pushes senior, Nikki Arcamuzi.

"As a freshman, I raced at nationals and that really pushes me to get back there," Arcamuzi said. "The rush and intensity of racing at that level is something that I've been trying to reach since then. I want every girl on this team to experience it because it's addicting. It's a feeling like no other."

As part of their spring campaign leading to Indianapolis, the defending Conference USA champions will travel four out of five weekends from mid-March to April to face Louisville, Ohio State, Michigan, Clemson and Princeton.

Michigan finished second overall in last year's NCAA championship and Princeton finished fourth.

In any successful program, leading by example is crucial and with this team, head coach Lisa Glenn says this leadership streams directly from her group of seniors.

"I think you need to find a balance of really good, hard, work ethic coming from the seniors," Glenn said. "[The athletes have to] believe in the other team members who are around [them] and share that belief in what the younger athletes who haven't been down the road yet could do for the team."

With ten seniors, eight juniors, 12 sophomores and seven freshmen, underclassmen are looked upon to take note for when their time comes.

"The seniors have set a high standard for what our team should be," sophomore Kaitlan Aries said. "They show us the Tennessee way by demonstrating it every day in everything they do. They work hard and aren't afraid to push the rest of the team."

As the spring season is underway, each opportunity will be critical to the fate of the rowing season.

"These next few weeks are going to be a good opportunity for them to work on the belief part of it," Glenn said. "[The seniors] can share with the other rowers how they can contribute to doing what we have laid in front of us and accomplish big things towards the end of the season."

The Tennessee Rowing team will have their share of opportunities, facing a very strong schedule in attempts to prove what the big orange can do.





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