V4s Prevail in Oak Ridge
Head coach Lisa Glenn cheers on her team during Sunday's Oak Ridge Invitational.

March 18, 2012

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Tennessee's varsity 4s led the way for the Lady Vols on the second and final day of the Oak Ridge Invitational on Melton Hill Lake.

UT's 2V4, coxed by Courtney Fritts and including Kayla Lucier, Jennifer Bailey, Michelle Goodwin and Jessica Burns, downed No. 1 Virginia's and Notre Dame's shells en route to a 7 minute 15.70 second time.

Not to be outdone, the Lady Vol V4, coxed by Ashley Fichthorn and including Sarah Cavins, Liza Rader, Ashley Case and Paige Austin turned out a win in 7 minutes 16.60 seconds, topping Notre Dame by nearly six seconds.

"This was a great weekend of racing," head coach Lisa Glenn said. "You can see, by the times and margins, the great progress made by some of the crews out there."

With the Oak Ridge Invitational under their belts, the Lady Vols now head for the Sunshine State for their annual spring training camp. Tennessee will train in Tampa, Fla., for a week before a dual-race with Conference USA foe Central Florida on March 24.

"We enter spring training camp with race experience and our eyes open," Glenn said. "This will be a good week for our team."

N8: 1. Buffalo 7:16.90, 2. Tennessee (Jessica Herwig, Makenzie Hoffmeyer, Kaitlin Aries, Jessica Anderson, Maggie Collins, Magan Berman, Katelyn Carr, Hayley Clark, Sarah Copeland) 7:20.82, 3. Dayton 7:42.09
N8 Heat 2: 1. Notre Dame 6:52.60, 2. Tennessee (Meagan Eaton, Sarah McAuliffe, Sarah Castilaw, Sarah Beth Nelius, Whitney Wolfe, Emily Cornelius, Leighanne Self, Rachel Whitaker, Allison Toth) 6:59.32, 3. Louisville 7:26.01
2V4: 1. Tennessee (Courtney Fritts, Kayla Lucier, Jennifer Bailey, Michelle Goodwin, Jessica Burns) 7:15.70, 2. Virginia 7:21.17, 3. Notre Dame 7:44.04
2V8: 1. Notre Dame 6:29.60, 2. Tennessee (Jessie Richardson, Taylor Athan, Kristin Coggin, Mary-Hannah Daugherty, Maddie Bishop, Hilary Epes, Kaelyn Gibson, Anita McLure, Evelyn Radford) 6:39.54
V4: 1. Tennessee (Ashley Fichthorn, Sarah Cavins, Liza Rader, Ashley Case, Paige Austin) 7:16.60, 2. Notre Dame 7:22.33
V8: 1. Notre Dame 6:23.00, 2. Tennessee (Rachel Clagett, Erika Johnson, Rachel White, Erika Lauderdale, Liz Dickson, Arin Anderson, Payton Smith, Andrea Keesecker, Nikki Arcamuzi) 6:26.13





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