20 Questions with Soccer's Sarah Van Sickle

Nov. 4, 2008

With their final Southeastern Conference Tournament trip approaching, the seniors on the Lady Vol soccer team are looking to close out their careers on a high note. Yet, before Jaimel Johnson, Kylee Rossi, Sarah Van Sickle, Leslie Vineyard and Alissa VonderHaar move on to their next adventure, they're sitting on the hot seat to each answer 20 questions leading up to their final matches with the Lady Vols.

Senior forward and defender Sarah Van Sickle is the only Knoxville native in the senior class and has represented the heart of the Lady Vols over the past four years. Sarah has made 38 starts in her career and played a valuable role off the bench, serving as Tennessee's throw-in expert. A psychology major, Sarah has earned Academic All-SEC honors in each of the last three years and is a member of the leadership team of UT's Athletes In Action organization.

1. If there was one rule you could change in soccer, what would it be?
I wouldn't exactly change a "rule"...but I'd definitely change the trend of a lot of refs calling really weak stuff as fouls (not my K-town refs though...they don't treat my girls like we're fragile China dolls when they call fouls!)

2. What is your favorite place to eat in Knoxville?
Hmm...that's SUPER hard considering I LOVE eating!! But, I keep thinking of my Grandma's house when she makes cheese rice & cornbread! YUM!



3. Which celebrity would you like to date?
Ohhh man, that's an EASY one! Warning: UT football fans will HATE this...but it's Tim Tebow hands down! He's not the most handsome thing to walk the Earth and clearly he's NOT too smart because he chose to be a Florida Gator, however, he's a Godly man and not ashamed of it. There's nothing better than that in my book!

4. What was your favorite game to play in elementary school?
It'd have to be soccer on the blacktop at Fairmont. I was the only girl that would play with all the boys, and I LOVED it!

5. What would you do with a million dollars?
My theory is you never really know until you get it. I'd like to think I'd take care of my dad first, because he's always worked unbelievably hard so that we could have everything we needed.

6. What Halloween costumes are you wearing this year?
Well, some of the girls on the team (Leslie, Speros, Kylee, Jackyra, Alissa and I) have a Wizard of Oz theme going! I'm the Wicked Witch of the West...haha...go figure.

7. If you had a theme song, what would it be?
"I Won't Back Down" by Tom Petty...my mom always said it should be my life song given some of the stuff I've gone through (and the fact I'm stubborn).

8. What sound or noise do you hate?
Ambulance sirens because they always mean that someone's hurting...I hate it.

9. If someone rented a billboard for you, what would you put on it?
"A Job Worth Doing Is A Job Worth Doing Well" -Grandpa

10. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?
I have to have two: Cheese & chocolate spoon cake from McAlisters!

11. If a sandwich was named after you, what would be on it?

12. What is your dream job?
Doing whatever allows me to bring God as much glory as I can. I'm praying that my recent decision to go on staff with Athletes in Action will accomplish that starting this summer.

13. What is something that most people don't know about you?
I'll give you three: I am passionate about dancing, I want a Rhodesian Ridgeback dog (named Zulu), & I love to write (obviously).

14. Whose wallet would you like to steal?
Bill Gates is too cliche...so I choose Alex Crimmins's (our team manager) because she'd FLIP OUT! Haha!

15. When are you happiest?
Honestly, I am the happiest when I feel like I am closest to God.

16. What is your favorite vacation spot?
THE BEACH! Give me palm trees, turquoise water, and a gorgeous sunset, and you have my heart.

17. What is your favorite word?
Faith because it's one simple word with a multitude of meanings. It applies to faith in a higher power, faith in yourself and faith in others, all of which I think are essential to living a fulfilling life.

18. What advice about college would you give to the freshmen?
I love my froshies so much. I want the best for your lives. Never settle for less than you deserve! Don't be satisfied with being average, because you're not! College is crazy. People and circumstances are always changing, so try to hold onto the one thing that's consistent in the middle of all the chaos. Be vulnerable and invest yourself in the right people (even when it's scary to let your guard down). Have fun while you're here, but don't choose "fun" things if they make you compromise who you are or jeopardize your overall happiness. Find your ultimate identity: Yeah, soccer's a HUGE part of your life, but don't solely find your identity there-it can and will change some day, and there's so much more to you than being blessed with mad soccer skills. Last but not least: Never play without heart, get stuck in and rough some girls up for me. Represent: we're TENNESSEE!

19. Always...
Make sure that people in your life know how much they're loved, find at least ONE positive thing everyday, always have faith that God's already given you the strength to get through anything that comes your way and have heart!

20. Never...
Judge anyone else, take the people or things in your life for granted, ever forget where you came from, or put limits on what you can do.

21. Describe fellow senior Alissa VonderHaar in three words...
Gorgeous, compassionate, intelligent



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