May 20, 2005

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Tennessee Head Coach Ralph Weekly

(opening statement) "I was very pleased with the way the kids came out and played. I told them that they are only guaranteed two more games and that they have got to make each one count. We had a really productive mental session last night, and I think the kids were just really ready to play. I praise them, and it is all about them at this time of the year."

(on Katherine Card's status) "We did some special hitting with her today on two separate occasions, and I look for her to be able to play."

(on whether Monica Abbott will pitch in tomorrow's first game) "Yes. We will come back with Monica tomorrow. The thing about Monica that we get asked about a lot is innings pitched. Yes, she has pitched more innings than anyone in the nation, but if you go back and check how many she has pitched in the last 35 days, it's not a lot of innings. When she was playing AAU ball, she pitched every game all summer long. If she tells us at any time she has any discomfort at all, we will not pitch her."

(on the advantage UT has when teams face Monica Abbott for the first time) "It does, but Charleston has already faced her. Charleston is a very good hitting team, and they get up there an take their hacks. They're going to come at us."

Monica Abbott

(on her performance) "I felt like I just needed to put the ball where I needed to put it. If they hit the ball on the ground, then that's fine. A pitcher's job is to make the batters hit the ball badly and to make the infielders and the outfielders work. It's not to get strikeouts. We threw a different variety of pitches to go with whatever was needed with each batter."



(on whether she can pitch every game this weekend) "Definitely. I feel that's what I'm expected to do. That's my role, and that's what my team needs me to do."

Sarah Fekete

(on what makes UT successful) "I would say our team chemistry. I think that everybody knows their role on this team. When you have players who know that and can produce in their roles, it's hard to fail."

(on this year's team compared to last year's team) "The biggest difference between this year's team and last year's team is our speed, especially with our one, two, eight and nine batters. We have so much speed, and a lot of times if we just hit the ball we can get things rolling. We don't have all the power hitters, but we have the sparkplug-type players."

(on Katherine Card's injury) "I gave her a little grief right after the injury. She and I have been teammates for three years now, and as soon as it happened I told her that it looks like she is going to need a nose job now." pitch. The pitcher makes a mistake, and you figure you're going to get one pitch every at bat."

Miami (OH) Head Coach Angie Jacobs

(opening statement) "We definitely didn't play our best game. I can't remember the last time we made six errors. I also can't remember the last time we faced such a tough hitting lineup, one through nine. Everybody was a tough out. It was a very difficult lineup."

(on the impact of Tennessee's Kristi Durant) "She's a great athlete and a great hitter. We made a couple of mistakes I wish we could take back. Hopefully we can contain her a little bit better the next time we face her than we did tonight."

(On the challenge presented by Tennessee pitcher Monica Abbott) "Any game, no matter who we play, no matter who the pitcher is, we want to be aggressive at the plate. We also want to play our brand of softball, which is tough defense. We tried to play a little bit too fast tonight, and that was not a good thing. We obviously made errors that put them in scoring position."

Miami (OH) Pitcher Jackie Poggendorf

(on how Tennessee used its speed against the Redhawks tonight) "They put quite a bit of pressure on us and made us speed up play instead of relaxing and playing like we usually do. They are a fast team, but we have definitely seen teams with their speed."

Miami (OH) First Baseman Halle Popson

(on facing Tennessee pitcher Monica Abbott) "It was a little bit different because we haven't seen that type of speed. She has an excellent range of pitches -- you just need to see her a couple of times. The second time up you make adjustments."



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