May 20, 2006

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Tennessee Head Coach Ralph Weekly
Opening Statement
"There was a lot of energy in the game on both sides. You had two great pitchers who got fired up. Both coaching staffs were fired up. Both benches were fired up. The final score didn't belay the game. I've got a lot of respect for Virginia Tech and for (pitcher Angela) Tincher. Facing Emily Turner last week for LSU helps us face a pitcher like Tincher who throws a nice rise and a nice drop. We were able to lay off the rise."

On the performance of Katherine Card
"People who cover us on a regular basis know that we call Katherine Card a postseason hitter. She continues to amaze in the postseason. That's why she made the all-College World Series team last year. Her homerun today was the key."

On Virginia Tech pitcher Angela Tincher
"We face some very good rise pitchers in the SEC. We're used to laying off the rise. We laid off today, and we got runners on base. We said going in, `Don't swing (at pitches) above the chest. If we have to face her (Tincher) tomorrow, she'll make adjustments."

On Tennessee pitcher Monica Abbott
"Monica pitched fantastic. She had one ball that was able to hang, but other than that, she was in control all day. She had one lapse after that, but she closed the door. I'm very proud of her."

"We don't have anything to celebrate yet. We'll have a team breakfast in the morning and go over our gameplan and hopefully be able to execute it. There's nothing to celebrate yet. Today, we executed our gameplan to a T. We laid off those pitches. I was very pleased. That has happened the last two days. (Co-head coach) Karen (Weekly) comes up with the gameplan. We work hard on preparing."



Pitcher Monica Abbott
"I knew I had to come out and pitch a strong game. My team gave me four runs in the first inning. I hung a pitch the next inning, and they (Virginia Tech) got a homerun. I had to step up and refocus. My team needed me."

"After your team scores, a pitcher's goal is to shut the other team down and send a message. I wasn't able to do that. I struggled a bit. It was definitely a rude awakening. I snapped out of it and got back into game mode. It opens your eyes a bit."

"Every person feels pressure. That's why athletes play the game. How you deal with it determines if you're going to be successful or fail. You're not going to be successful every time."

Katherine Card
On her grand slam in the first inning
"I knew when she brought the pitch that I had to do my job. (Co-head coach) Karen (Weekly) talked to me about just poking one in and getting the bat on the ball. It took a minute, but I knew after I rounded first (that she had a homerun)."

"I just go out there. Sometimes, you get pitches. I'm a streak hitter. One at bat doesn't affect everything else."

"It was not an easy victory at all. It was a battle. It was intense. There was a crowd on both sides."

"It definitely was not an easy victory. We just had to play hard and get our job done."

On facing Virginia Tech pitcher Angela Tincher
"We were not swinging at the pitches that she wanted. I can't speak for her, but there was a change in her once she saw that we weren't hacking."

Virginia Tech Head Coach Scot Thomas:
"It was a tough game. We came in with a certain game plan, and I think the girls executed certain scenarios pretty well. We came off the base with a hit and run, things like that kinda just got us off track a little bit. I thought the game just kinda got away from us."

On giving up a grand slam in the first inning:
"When you start off with a four-run deficit against a team like Tennessee, knowing they have a great pitcher, that certainly puts you behind. We showed a lot of character by coming right back with a home run. We were stealing some bases, executing hit and runs, doing those types of things. It wasn't like we quit or anything. I told the kids, `way to stay in it over the next few innings.'"

Pitcher Angela Tincher:
On if fatigue was a factor after pitching 12 innings on Friday:
"Maybe a little. I still didn't pitch well. I can't blame it on yesterday. My leg is pretty sore, but that is something that I've been dealing with for a while.

On the first inning:
"It was a good line up, but it was more the walks and the hit batter that hurt me more than anything."

On allowing the grand slam home run:
"It was a full count, and I had to throw a strike. She hit it, there was nothing else I could really throw at that point."

Second baseman Erin Ota:
On Monica Abbott:
"She threw well, had good movement on the ball. I felt like we could have made better adjustments at the plate, but you do what you can.

On Virginia Tech not getting hits with runners in scoring position:
"It was just part of the game. Sometimes you get hits, sometimes you don't."



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