Postgame Quotes: UT 3, UA 2

May 24, 2013

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Ralph Weekly Opening Statement

Our kids played fantastic. Their kids played fantastic. Both teams fought till the very end. Like one of the officials told me, it's a shame that two teams like this, as strong as they are, one of them is not going to advance. Of course we don't have any idea who that is right now because we have two more games. My hat's off to our team. I thought our team did a tremendous job. They had a lot of baserunners early on, and I think we did too. Both teams got out of big jams, You just saw college softball at its best out there. My hat's off to [Alabama] and my hat's off to our players.

Hannah Akamine on her home run
I've definitely been struggling a bit this year. It's nice to be able to see the ball and drive it. So to connect in a big way, it's a nice change.

Cheyanne Tarango on the win
It definitely changed the momentum. With them scoring right off the bat, I feel like we didn't get down necessarily, but I feel like we were in the ball game and us scoring was like `yea, we're two good teams and it's going to be like this the whole game.'

Tarango on hitting Traina
I felt her tendencies and with me pulling the first foul ball, I had a funny feeling that she was going to give me outside or a changeup so I sat on it.

Tarango on facing the defending National Champion
It was definitely intense, but I feel like all SEC games are, and being that it was Alabama and us, I don't think we necessarily see them as the defending National Champions. We see them as Alabama, in our conference we play them all the time, so I don't think we put that much pressure on ourselves.

Tarango on the Renfroes' performance
Ellen and Ivy both threw awesome. I thought they kept them off-balance. Plus our defense made plays. We kept them off balance. We did well.

Akamine on the encouraging pitchers
I tell them constantly, `You can only control how you pitch the ball." Each umpire's zone is different, so I tell them to attack their pitches, go out and throw their game.

Ralph Weekly on Raven Chavanne's defensive performance against Alabama
I think she was tremendous. That field's hard, and those first two kids from Alabama are as good as you will ever see ever. Conley just seems to own us every time we play them. I don't care what her batting average is, because every time we play them she drives the ball hard at us, so Raven got a lot of hard balls hit to her at third base. In my opinion, they're the best team in the conference. They come at you hard, they hit the ball hard, and when Jackie Traina is on the mound they're an amazing team, and she looked to me like she was throwing hard. Raven did a good job , but you can't catch a ball at 60 feet when it's coming that hard at you.

Ralph Weekly on switching Renfroes in the circle
We talked it over as coaches, and I started Ellen because I thought with her movement she might throw them off a bit, but when I made the switch from Ellen to Ivy, Alabama had had seven baserunners in 3.2 innings, so I thought it was the right time to make the change. It didn't look like a very smart move on the first pitch because she hit a rope. But when you bring in a new pitcher and she's facing a kid who's hitting .400 and a .540 on base percentage, that's a pretty tough situation, but I felt like I needed to do it then.





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