June 2, 2005

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General comment:
"I'm extremely proud of our girls. Monica had a phenomenal game. We had a lot of kids do a lot of things today to contribute, and each of these kids had a big part in the win today. Arizona is a great team, and it was a pitchers' duel. About the fourth or fifth inning I could sense we were getting a little bit frustrated offensively and I just told them, 'You've got two All-American pitchers going at each other. Whoever flinches first, you know, somebody's going to win the game.' We were really fortunate Kat (Katherine Card) came up with a big hit and Ashley (Cline) got in under that play."

On scoring in the sixth inning:
"That was a big situation, obviously. I had a feeling (co-head coach) Ralph (Weekly) was screaming go, just like I was screaming go at first. The whole dugout was screaming go. That's the thing about that environment - there's a whole lot of noise going on. You've just gotta read that ball ricochet and take a stab at it. Obviously, that wasn't textbook base running, but (Cline) is very good at sliding."


On her sixth-inning hit:
"My at bat before that I went down swinging at rise balls. My only goal for this at bat was to lay off the high pitch as much as I could. And I got that hit, and I knew she (Cline) was going to at least make it to third. I saw the throw and I thought she was out. I went from being so mad at her to loving her to death, because she got in underneath there. There was a lot of emotion on that one round of bases."

On being new to the College World Series:
"I think as a whole our team did a great job. That's one thing our team did. We stayed calm the whole game. The dugout was calm, it was just kind of, get in there, like any other game. It's a great team - you've just got to stay focused. I think our team did the best job of doing that. Especially for it being our first time, it was just kind of a calm sense of get it done."




On facing Arizona for the first time:
"When you face a team three or four times during the year, they start to get to know the pitcher better and also get to know the hitter better, so it's more of a duel. I think not knowing that much about your opponent besides what you got from scouting. You think, they don't know that much about me and I don't know that much about them. It's only what other people have told you. It's still kind of a fine line."


On scoring from first on Katherine Card's hit in the sixth inning:
"In the lead-off, it was shot over my head so I couldn't see it behind me. I was trying to read Ralph (Weekly) to see if he was giving me the go or the not and he was waving and waving. He stopped waving so I held up at second. He started waving again so I went to third. I really didn't know where the ball was and I couldn't see it behind me. I looked up at third and they were hanging out behind home plate so I just decided to take a chance and go for it."


General comment:
"Going in, I thought the key for us offensively would be to get the ball in play. That's how we live or die. Today, we just didn't get it done. When you don't score, you don't win. We have to regroup now, and we know it has been done before. As long as we have games, we have a chance to continue to play. We'll see the character of this team. We know our possible opponents in the next ball game quite well. But my hats go off to Tennessee. I thought they played very solid for their first appearance here. I knew they would be a good team."

On making adjustments for Saturday's game:
"I don't think there are going to be any major changes. We got here a certain way and one loss is not going to make me change things. I think the big thing right now is just to stay focused and to get refreshed. I told the kids that it hurts and that we all hurt right now. But the key is that we need to forget about the hurt as quickly as possible so we can start planning for the next opponent. This game is so mental, so my biggest concern is to make sure that our kids get back. It's a game of confidence, and hard-fought games and hard losses like this cause your confidence to take a little bit of a pounding. I'll decide whether a practice or whether getting away from the game and getting ready to go will be the best thing for us."

On the new tournament format:
"It definitely makes sense. When you play a three-game series, you have to play well not just once, but you have to get the job done twice. We saw today that it's tough to lose a game like that, but that's part of the game. When you get to the College World Series, you're going to see that happening all the time. Sometimes, it's that great catch, that one pitch or that one at bat."


On hitting against Tennessee's Monica Abbott:
"We were just trying to get something going. We talked about our game plan, but when we were going in there we were having a hard time getting our momentum. We didn't take that tune that we get to get into our rhythm. We just felt a little out of our element because of how she approached the game and how we approached the game. That's just what got to us."


On hitting against Monica Abbott:
"We just didn't make our adjustments. She had a great nicks on me. She got me on an inside and outside changeup and rise ball at my at bats. She really did put the ball all over the place, and I never really knew what was coming."


On the controversial play at home plate:
"I thought the ball was definitely there in time, but it was just the umpire's decision. That's just the way it goes sometimes."



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