June 2, 2006

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Drawing from WCWS experience from 2005:

"From our past experiences we know we just have to keep fighting. UCLA is a great team and they came in with a great game plan. Things didn't look like they were going to go our way at the beginning of the game, but we told our kids yesterday there has not been a team yet, to come into a World Series and have everything go perfect. You are going to have some ups and downs, but you have to bounce back and keep fighting. I think our kids were very resilient tonight. "

On UCLA pitcher Anjelica Selden:

"She really had our number early on, but I am really proud of the way our kids hung in there and battled. We weren't getting anything done in the short game, but we made a couple of adjustments here and there and our slappers finally put the ball on the ground and things started to go from there."


General comment:

"I think that this one (the win) was key. We didn't want to go into the loser's bracket. It also gave us a lot of confidence and showed us that we can play with anyone. We were ranked 8th early in the season and we have had our ups and downs and we are looking to keep it going on the upside."

On her pitching performance:

"I felt like at times I was throwing really well and at times I was battling myself. All and all I was just trying to stay focused and just take the game one pitch at a time, throwing the best that I could at that moment. I just wanted to leave it all on the field."

Confidence on her offense:

"I have a lot of confidence in our offense. They are going to come through time and time again. They are such great athletes and they know how to make things happen. A couple players ding one in here and there and they get a run, but I have all the confidence in the world that we are going to come back. And I think they have all the confidence in me that I will hold that lead for them."




On pitcher Anjelica Selden during Tenneesee's three-run rally in the top of the sixth inning:

"I was disappointed when they started to mount that comeback that she was not able to catch herself and regroup. I felt like they got the momentum and maintained it. At this level, at this point in the season, you're not going to be perfect, and when you're not perfect you've got to recover right away. I felt like our recovery was inefficient. You can give up a hit, you can even make a bobble, but you've got to come back sharp with your pitches and put them where you'd been putting them all ballgame."

On UCLA's failed rally in the bottom of the sixth inning:

"The only thing we had talked about toward the end of the game is that we started to go up the ladder with Abbott, and that's dangerous. I thought we did a good job of staying down in the zone and it was a great battle. But when I saw we were going up the ladder, then we were in charge of too big of a strike zone with Abbott. Unfortunately, she got the better part of it."

On what she told her team after the game:

"If you're sad, think about the individual things you did wrong because that will make you regroup and focus for the next ballgame. Don't be sad. We're a veteran club and I believe our best softball is in front of us. We have to detach from this, learn from it and move on, because no one's coming to our pity party. So game on, let's just refocus tomorrow and come ready on Saturday."



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