Lady Vol Diary - Lauren LeRoy

There will always be things we can and can not control in our lives. Learning how to face the uncontrollable and result in gain is something I have begun to learn in the last four years. College has brought me out of my sheltered world and put me in real-life situations. I???ve watched, listened, experienced and learned. The once naive girl from a small town is now more weathered, still green with wisdom, but more aware of the world she???s a part of.?? Mistakes have made me stronger and tragedies, in some ways, have become blessings. Regardless of how big a problem may seem or the chaos that becomes our lives, it???s amazing how a group of girls with some incredible leaders as coaches can make any storm seem calm, even if for a single practice.??

With the end of the season approaching sooner than I anticipated (and at some point the end of my career) I have a few options on how to proceed. Time will run out and that I can???t change. What I do with the time I am given is something I can control with every 6 a.m. workout, extra dive or drop of sweat I lose in the weight room. The same goes in regard to our team???s placement this year. We can not control what other teams do or outside circumstances that will undoubtedly affect individuals and therefore our whole team, but we can control our attitude, our commitment to the goals we have talked and dreamed about, and the unconditional support and care for one another. Life can hit and it can hit hard.?? It causes pain, struggle and scars that can, for a time, seem to diminish even the strongest heart. But when you have 30 other lending hearts, it???s ok if you skip a beat every now and then. Together, you???ll get back on pace.





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