Jan. 22, 2007

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By Christine Magnuson

This past weekend, our six seniors said goodbye to a pool that has been their home for the last four years. By the looks on their faces and the tears in their eyes, I knew that they would miss this place. They will miss the feeling of ending a set knowing they gave it their all. They will miss the looks of amazement and accomplishment on the faces of their teammates after an intense set or dive. Laura Fehrman and Katie G's dance moves on deck. Betsy Lange's earth-shaking laugh. Carly's faces. Sam's random knitting. Sarah McCall's opera-style singing. Staley's Cirque du Soleil acrobatics.

Maybe the worst part for them is missing each other. As a class, since freshman year, they have been a group that understands unity, team bonding, and commitment to teammates. Together they have made it though struggles in and out of the pool. They have swam, dove, laughed, cried, and danced themselves into each other's hearts.

It's been clear that the past few months all of them have had a feeling of their time winding down. And as I recognize how much the seniors will miss the many emotions and experiences of collegiate swimming and diving, I wasn't sure if they realized how much the rest of us would miss them. After all, we don't know Tennessee without them. They've always been there for us in so many ways.

Liz Christy is the big sister that every girl wants. She's creative, fun, and an amazing role model. She's always there to give sound advice or to just give you a hug. She knows every one of us on a personal level and not just as a teammate. She's shown us all how to conquer our fears and believe in ourselves.

Ashley Yeager is the older sister that is always raising the bar for others to aim for. Both in the pool and in the classroom, Ashley not only aspires to, but she achieves excellence. She is selfless; everything she does is for the betterment of the team.

Tiffany Clay is one of the core motivators of this team. With a heart of gold, she strives to make everyone's experience as a Lady Vol a happy and fulfilling one. She always has unlimited faith in her teammates, allowing them to have confidence in themselves to achieve anything.

Misty Cain has the unique ability of always being able to hold this team together. This year, she has truly taken ownership of the leadership role she possesses. Through strict honesty and quiet confidence, she always catches us by surprise. No matter what situation one finds them in, Misty is a friend you can always count on.

Brittany Fulmer is the Tennessee Tradition. She has made UT athletics her passion, pride and lifestyle. Whether it be cheering on her teammates or lending a helping hand, Brittany will do anything for her team. She is a comfort and strength to the divers and all that know her.

Megan Tomes is the mom of our Lady Vol family. She is the epitome of toughness. Her persistence and determination through her injury this year has made us all believe that anything is possible when we put our mind to something. She is our mom because she loves unconditionally while never accepting anything but our best.

When they hang up their towel after SEC's or NCAA's, I hope they know the lasting impact they've had on all of us. They may be leaving our team, but the imprint they left on each of us will never fade.

Misty Cain

Elizabeth Christy

Tiffany Clay

Brittany Fulmer

Megan Tomes

Ashley Yeager





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