Lady Vol Diary - Carly Mathes

So far, my time here at the University of Tennessee as a Lady Vol swimmer has been a learning experience. My freshman year was new and exciting. I had new friends and I was swimming well. Looking back, I think I was just along for the ride. My sophomore year was different in many ways. I was familiar with the way things were going to be, but I was not comfortable with how things were. Many good things came out of last year, but our team was still looking for its identity.

This year has by far been the best. I believe the team has been learning together about what it means to be a team and to come together to achieve both our individual and team goals. We have had some ups and downs this year that have only made us stronger. We each know our role on the team and, even better, everyone has taken control of that role. Going into the Southeastern Conference Championship meet, we have found what it means to be a team. I am so excited to compete next week, but I am even more proud to be a part of what this team has become. It's going to be fun and I can't wait!





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