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Lady Vol Diary - Sarah McCall
Sarah McCall

Sarah McCall

Sept. 2, 2008

As a senior I think you have a different outlook on the team, the goal, and ultimately the sport. When senior year finally rolls around, it's hard to believe that the three years that came before have flown by so fast.

When you are a senior, its not just another practice, another rafting trip, another dryland, another weight session, it's the last. The last of everything. Senior year brings a different feeling and a different sense of pride for your team and the reputation you represent.

Over the past three weeks, I have pondered what exactly I have gained while swimming in college. For me, the personal bests have been few and far between, but the personal growth has been so immense that I do not think any other experience in my life could have taken its place.

Through being on this team, I have learned that change is not only inevitable but absolutely necessary for success. I have learned that unless you believe that you will be great and believe it every time you step onto the blocks, it will never exist.

I have learned that contributing to others and their dreams can be the most rewarding and fulfilling experience of all. I have learned that I have become a part of something bigger than myself, part of something that has existed in the past and will carry on into the future.

In my time on this team, I feel that I have experienced and contributed to one of the fastest up-and-coming teams in the country. In the end, I don't think that the times or places will matter, but I think how THIS team has changed and impacted my life and my personal pursuit of success will stick with me forever.

This year I plan to hold nothing back, to give my heart to my team, and do whatever I can to create a lasting legacy so that all that have come before and will come after will feel the same pride that I do when I say I am a LADY VOL.



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