Sept. 14, 2006

The United States Olympic Committee, International Olympic Committee and the NCAA have joined together to host the fifth annual "Women in Coaching" program Sept. 7-10 at the U.S. Olympic Complex in Colorado Springs, Colo. Approximately 70 coaches from a variety of winter and summer sports participated.

A pair of University of Tennessee Lady Vols in senior basketball player Sidney Spencer and senior swimmer Megan Tomes were able to take part in this event.

The focus of the conference was on Leadership and Coaching and it was designed around the issues that face female coaches. Additionally, the purpose of the weekend was to recruit, retain and provide continuing education for female coaches as the number of women in coaching has declined about 20% in the last ten years.

The two student-athletes were the only two in the country who attended the coaching clinic.

"This was a great experience because I was able to see some other sides of coaching, just not the x's and o's that we see as players," explained Spencer. "I think this information will be invaluable to me, both in the future if I pursue coaching as well as this year, because it will enable me to connect with the coaches and the players better."

"The people that I met out there were absolutely phenomenal," said Tomes. "Everybody out there has a love and passion and desire to be a coach. They had so much wisdom and knowledge to share with me. It was amazing."





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