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Lady Vol Swimming & Diving Diary - Lindsey Brackens
Lindsey Brackens

Lindsey Brackens

Sept. 15, 2008

Passion, opportunity and determination are three words that have significant meaning in my life. I have only been here for a month but my outlook on practice and being on a team has changed significantly. I want to share with you why these three words each have a new meaning in my life.

As Lady Vols, we each have a passion to improve each day. We have a passion for swimming that is unstoppable because we know what we have to do to succeed. We have a passion for one another. We hold each other accountable. We know when someone is doing a good job and when someone can improve. We have passion because we have opportunities that make us better.

We have an opportunity to improve every single time we walk on the pool deck. Every time we all jump in the water together, every time we run stairs and every time we walk in the weight room, we have an opportunity to improve. Not just physically, but mentally improve. The ladies I swim with every day show me how to be tougher, mentally and physically, than I ever thought possible. They are teaching me to take these opportunities because they have determination to be the best.

Having determination is the force behind passion and opportunities. Having the determination to take every opportunity and make it productive towards improving is what the Lady Vols stand for. The determination is what drives us every practice to becoming better for ourselves but more importantly for each other. We have determination to give our all because we take pride in calling ourselves Lady Vols.

The word "team" has a whole new meaning to my life and I am so blessed to be a part of something this great. We work every day to improve ourselves. We don't take less than 100 percent from ourselves and from each other because that is unacceptable. I love that we have determination because we are passionate about making every opportunity useful.



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