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Lady Vol Diary - Bryttany Curran
Bryttany Curran

Bryttany Curran

Oct. 27, 2008

Staring at a blank computer screen with keys under my fingers, I'm ready to write brilliance, and ready to inspire all who read my words. The only problem is I've found it's a struggle to write what something so important means in so few words-or in words at all.

How do I explain what it means to be a Lady Volunteer swimmer or diver? How do I describe what we go through every day, and what each friendship means to me? I could tell you about the hours we practice or the sets we do. I could tell you about the pull-up challenges, the TRX circuits, or the weight workouts. But that would shed minimal, if any light at all. Because, although each of the above mentioned activities is an integral part of the life of a swimmer or diver, it is no part of being a Lady Vol.

A Lady Vol isn't about doing something, but being someone. It's about focus, determination, faith, support, love, preparation and personality. We don't swim a set. We focus on a set with determination, surrounded by our teammates who support and love us, knowing that it will prepare us to be our best. And we do it with style. I am not talking about style in the sense of fashion (although I must say we are a very cute team). I am referring to style as dictionary.com states "the particular, distinctive, or characteristic mode of action or manner of acting."

We act with confidence, strength, passion, determination and love. We act in no other way than an athlete who is determined to be the best, and expect nothing less. We act as students who want to excel not in learning, but in personal growth. We act as citizens concerned about the community and drawn to give back. We act as a family, there for each and every one of us through thick and thin. We act composed, and as individuals, knowing that we are each created specially by God. So what is a Lady Vol swimmer or diver? The best way I can describe it is to simply watch and learn.



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