Nov. 9, 2006

In the famous words of Arthur Ashe, "success is a journey, not a destination." These words have brought much meaning to the start of my senior year so far. Although my journey started a little over three years ago when I first came to this school, the time I had left seemed limitless and the opportunities were plenty. Now with less than 20 weeks of training left in my collegiate career there is an urgency to make the most of it. I enjoy practice far more now than ever and my pride in representing the Lady Vol swim team has never been greater. I am so proud to walk out on the deck every day to practice with this talented group of ladies and coaching staff.

In these past three years, I have had the wonderful experience of watching this team grow. We have been pushed and challenged repeatedly and I have seen this team meet head on anything put in our way. And this year has been amazing. Not just because I am a senior, but because I believe this team is the best it has ever been. We have so many amazing people that are willing to say the hard things and force each and every one of us to be honest with ourselves. Accountability has been stressed since day one this year and it will continue to be a factor until the last day.

With the kind of coaches we have, we are presented with challenges everyday. Through these challenges we have learned many things. We have learned that most times you don't get a second chance and you have to best the best the first time you have the opportunity. That is how we see this meet this weekend. It is another challenge and we are not going to wait for another opportunity to prove ourselves. One thing we pride ourselves in is training to be the best. We believe that we train with the best everyday. There are many things we would like to think are in our control. We cannot control how Auburn and Stanford swim. We know they will bring it. We know they are the best at what they do. We can control how we will rise to the challenge.

We can control our intensity, our passion, and our belief in ourselves and each other. We will leave everything in the pool this weekend and be a force, I promise you, that will not disappoint. I believe in this team and I believe in the training we have been doing. This is a test. There is no question we will measure up.





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