Pluskota's Perspective: Vol. 8

May 31, 2012

Today, I will give my all for Tennessee.  Every day, I gave my all for Tennessee.  To say I am passionate about this program, Tennessee, Knoxville, our fans, my team and everything else that is orange would be an understatement.  I just want to take a second to thank everyone who has been a part of making my journey at UT one that I will never forget.  This year has been everything I expected and more.

The footprints that people have left on my heart are truly one of a kind, and have been life changing. All I can say is thank you, to everyone that has been there for me throughout my career for making me a stronger woman and athlete. I would not change one thing about my career, not one. Everything that has happened to me happened for a reason and is the reason I will always bleed orange.

Few things for my team:
Joanna Henderson (mininat): Hold it down for me! I leave you with many things, but you MUST lead all jam sessions and make sure the music selections in the locker room and at practice stay up to date! Also, make sure you keep everyone smiling and laughing. Use your sarcasm and light up the room as always!

Kata Szekely (a kataaaaaa): DOUBLES PARTNER! Thanks for being so great both on and off the court! I am going to miss watching OTH with you, as well as discussing Vampire Diaries! Thank goodness for Skype! Our discussions must continue. Be a great leader next year!

Sarah Toti (Vegas): "I had a dream last night. You were in it." Never a dull moment! Going to miss you bud. Work hard in rehab. You are going to be back in no time! You are strong and nothing can hold you back!

Brynn Boren (B baby): All I have to say is "tick....tick....tick....booooom!! SEE YA!" Also, I will miss seeing how excited and anxious you get when we all talk about Vamps!! Damon!!

Caitlyn Williams (Caits): "Spongebob that...." "Bring it around towwwwn" I will never forget our dance lessons and sessions! Wobble! I am leaving you with making sure everyone gets their fair share of doughnuts every year! Hold it down for me bud! Lastly, make sure you keep the tweener alive. I'll be expecting to see one at the NCAAs on stadium court!

Jesse Grace (J Grace): My little 17-year-old buddy! Soon you will be 18, and you won't have to worry about so many age restrictions! Make sure you continue to jam out and bust a move. Keep loving that country music! Hope you are having fun at home with all the wild animals outside in your front yard!!

Kayla McMurry: Next time you play catch phrase, make sure you use words that we will actually know! No big words aloud. Thanks for always making me smile!

For all of you: Make the breaks effective and loud and make sure everyone knows you are there and ready to play (Lady Vols on three)! I love you all more than anything and will always be there for you. I am going to miss you girls. EXCEED EXPECTATIONS..

Things that stick out from my four years:
-Serving surrounding communities
-Becoming a four-time All-American
-Playing for a National Championship in doubles, and making it to two doubles semifinals
-Seeing my family and friends in the stands every match bleeding orange
-Becoming a better leader
-Opportunity to grow as both a person and athlete with every team I played on
-Watching Pat Summitt coach
-Senior Day
-Senior Day video and Halloween Video (all of Andrew's work!)
-Elite Eight appearance
-All home matches, all upsets, all matches!
-Every game, match, meet, I attended to support other athletes and friends

This list does not even come close covering to all of my experiences that I cherish from my career. I am thankful for absolutely every opportunity that Tennessee has given me.

-Natalie Pluskota





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