The Tennessee Lady Vol tennis team paired with the Vol tennis squad this past weekend to compete at the Inaugural WingspanBank.com/WTT National Collegiate Tennis Championships held at Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif. The unique co-ed event featured 16 of the top men's and women's programs in the country. The combined efforts of the Orange and White team netted a seventh-place finish after Tennessee defeated Vanderbilt, 26-25 on Sunday (Oct. 3).

Competing for the Lady Vols was senior Candy Reid (Surrey, England) and freshman Vilmarie Castellvi (Guaynabo, P.R.). They were joined by the Vols' Mark Parsons and Andy Crews. The UT team opened tournament play with an impressive 28-21 decision over Pepperdine on Friday (Oct. 1). The win advanced the squad to the quarterfinals on Saturday (Oct. 2) where Duke would edge Tennessee 27-22. Following the loss, the Orange and White squared off against Notre Dame later the same day in a consolation round match. The Fighting Irish though would prove victorious as they handed Tennessee a 29-19 setback.

The Lady Vols will next be in action at the SEC Coaches' Tournament in Tuscaloosa, Ala., beginning on Thursday (Oct. 7). The four-day event will conclude on Sunday (Oct. 10).

Tennessee 28, Pepperdine 21
WD: Vilmarie Castellvi/Candy Reid (T) def Paolo Palencia/Ipek Senoglu (P), 6-4
MS: Mark Parsons (T) def. Sebastien Graeff (P), 6-1
MD: Andy Crew/Parsons (T) def. John Hui/Gerold Wiring (P), 6-5 (5-1)
WS: Senoglu (P) def. Castellvi (T), 6-4
MD: Parsons/Castellvi (T) def. Hui/Senoglu (P), 6-5 (5-3)

Duke 28, Tennessee 21
WD: Megan Miller/Brooke Siebel (D) def. Vilmarie Castellvi/Candy Reid (T), 6-3
MS: Doug Root (D) def. Mark Parsons (T), 6-4
MD: Andy Crew/Parsons (T) def. Porter Jones/Root (D), 6-3
WS: Miller (D) def. Castellvi (T), 6-4
MD: Siebel/Jones (D) def. Parsons/Castellvi (T), 6-5 (5-1)

Notre Dame 29, Tennessee 19
WD: Vilmarie Castellvi/Candy Reid (T) def. Michelle Dasso/Katie Zalinski (ND), 6-5 (5-0)
MS: Ryan Sachire (ND) def. Mark Parsons (T), 6-3
MD: Trent Miller/Sachire (ND) def. Andy Crew/Parsons (T), 6-4
WS: Dasso (ND) def. Castellvi (T), 6-1
MD: Dasso/Miller (ND) def. Crews/Castellvi (T), 6-5 (5-3)

Tennessee 26, Vanderbilt 25
WD: Christy Blumberg/Kate Burson (V) def. Vilmarie Castellvi/Candy Reid (T), 6-2
MS: Mark Parsons (T) def. Brad Hambrick (V), 6-3
MD: Andy Crew/Parsons (T) def. Hambrick/Andrew Nisker (V), 6-5 (5-2)
WS: Blumberg (V) def. Castellvi (T), 6-5 (5-2)
MD: Crews/Reid (T) def. Burson/Hambrick (V), 6-5 (5-3)





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