2008 Indoor Track & Field Championship Quotes

Jacquelyn Johnson, Arizona State, Senior Women's Pentathlon

"I was confident going in. I had a little bit of d??j?? vu, because last year I had to win by three seconds or more in the 800-meter. I knew I could do it; it was just a matter of actually going out there and accomplishing it. I wasn't really thinking of winning for the third year in a row, I was more focused on beating the record (meet and collegiate)."

Egor Agafonov, Kansas, Senior 35-pound Weight Throw

"Last year, no one knew me so it was pressure to defend my title. Everything went and worked out well. I came up here to win."

Gonzalo Barroilhet, Florida State, Freshman Men's Heptathlon

"My coach and I have been working hard for me to be in good shape here. I expected to do well but not win. I knew in the 1,000 meters that the second place guy was close to me so I had to stay within 50 seconds of him. The 1,000 is not my best event, and it hurt a little bit. It feels great (to win), and I'm enjoying it."

Hannah England, Florida State, Sophomore Women's Mile Run??

"This is my first season running American track, and it's taken me awhile to get adjusted. I love the style, everyone goes all out. I love it. I think I have a high top speed, and when I hit it, I said to myself, 'I've got to go.' It takes me awhile to build up, so when I get there, I have to go."

Dusty Jonas, Nebraska, Senior Men's High Jump??

"When I came in, I really wanted it to be between Scott (Sellers, Kansas State). We talked about how we wanted to jump our best. He didn't jump his best, but I PR'd twice. It was great to finally win. I think this year I really wanted it. I've been thinking about it for awhile."

Mariam Kevkhishvili, Florida, Sophomore Women's Shot Put

"I had a feeling this morning that when I came here it was going to be good. It was, and I through my best on my second attempt."

Latavia Thomas, LSU, Sophomore Women's 800-Meters??

"It was a tight race. (California's) Alysia (Johnson) tried to pull away and I was able to close in the last 50 meters and take the win."

Krista Simkins, Miami, Junior Women's 400-Meters??

"I had the best time in the prelims, but I wasn't ranked at all coming in, at least in the top three. I've been wanting to prove everybody wrong. At the 250, I knew I had enough kick to win. I've very ecstatic and really, really happy right now."

Richard Thompson, LSU, Senior Men's 60-Meter Dash??

"(Getting points in sprints) was our goal coming into today. We knew the 60 would be crucial with me and Trindon (Holliday) running. We needed that 18 points. I wasn't as tense (as I was yesterday). I came in relaxed. I was running to get a win, not to break any records. People were saying, 'Richard, you can run 6.4 tomorrow,' but I really didn't think about that, I just wanted a win."

Leo Manzano, Texas, Senior Men's Mile Run??

"It was a slower paced race for it to be a championship. I came in on the outside on the start so I wasn't able to dictate the pace because that is usually done by the runner on the inside. I tried to speed it up a little because I thought that would benefit me as well as my teammate. Most of the guys had already run in another race this weekend, so I think everyone was a little tired. With about 200 meters left, I felt some guys on my back and knew I had to go if I wanted to win. If you know how to use an indoor track correctly, it can be a huge tactical advantage and it worked out great for the team today."

Susan Kuijken, Florida State, Junior Women's 3,000-Meters??

"I just hung in there early in the race, and with about three laps to go I felt good, and decided to make my move. I was able to take the lead, and I just gave everything I had on the last lap to make sure. I was injured last season and didn't make it (to NCAA's), so coming here and winning this year is just awesome."

Nkosinza Balumbu, Arkansas, Junior Men's Triple Jump??

"I had a great jump out early, 54 feet on the first jump. I need it was good, but I had to keep trying to go farther. I had an idea that would take it because no one has jumped 54 in the last two nationals. I was really fast in all three phases and held my last phase going into the sand pit. I knew I had a good jump."

Ellie Rudy, Montana State, Junior Women's Pole Vault??

"I was sort of sick and hurting, but I didn't feel bad on the runway. My plan was to keep it clean and make the first attempt. (Because of a tie, she won by making her second attempt at 4.20) I got that one on the second but knew I was O.K. because no one else made their first."

Erica McLain, Stanford, Senior Women's Triple Jump

"I hit the Olympic A standard on the first jump. I was so excited because that's what I needed to take the pressure off. It was a huge PR. That was a good way to go out."

Tyler Mulder, Northern Iowa, Junior Men's 800-Meter Run??

"It was a great win for me considering I didn't get out nearly as fast as I should have. When I was sitting behind the LSU guys in the last 100 meters, I was confident I was going to win because I have a really good kick. I made my move after the last turn and was able to get by the people in front of me."

Andretti Bain, Oral Roberts, Senior Men's 400-Meter Dash??

"Before my eligibility, I promised myself that before my career was over, I was going to be a national champion. So winning today is extremely exciting for me personally. It feels good to run one of my better races when it mattered most and go out on top."

Kelly-Ann Baptiste, LSU, Senior Women's 60-Meter Dash??

"After our guys went out before us and finished first and second, it really got me fired up to run. My main focus besides winning was getting off to a good start because that has been my biggest problem over my career. I didn't worry about any of the other competitors and just focused on my lane."

Kyle Alcorn, Arizona State, Senior Men's 3,000-Meter Run??

"It was a great race with a quick tempo. I made a move early to get to the front because I wanted to control the pace. I like to be able and rely on my kick and that was what got me the victory today. I didn't find out until after the race that my victory was going to give us a tie for the lead so that is a great feeling."

LeJerald Betters, Baylor, Sophomore Men's 4x400-Meter Relay Anchor??

"Going in, I knew we were going to have to put together a complete race so we could beat TCU's time. Fortunately, everyone did their job and we won. We had the fourth fastest qualifying time, but we are ranked #1 on banked tracks so we expected to win the race."

Deonna Lawrence, LSU, Senior Women's 4x400-Meter Relay Anchor??

"We knew the time was out there, but we had to hold off a tough challenge. We felt really good coming in, and it's a great feeling to win another title."

Greg Kraft, Arizona State Head Coach??

"I really cannot describe how proud I am of these kids. This is something you always dream of and I am just speechless right now. We really have a great group of kids. We are all very tired, but this is a great feeling."





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