Tennessee vs. Utah - Post Game Quotes

Tennessee Head Coach Rob Patrick

Opening Statement
"That was a really good win for this young group. When I went in the locker room, all I could think of was how proud I was of them. These are the games and these are the matches that we lost last year and we came back in the offseason, and what they wanted was for that not to happen again.
"We played young, and all we???re going to do is get more experience. I was really impressed with (Utah???s) defense. They dug a lot more balls than I anticipated them doing because they really rely on their block. Their block is fantastic, and for us to outblock them was a huge feat. I knew we had to fight hard. I was proud of how (we) responded to getting our teeth knocked in in that first game.???
On making adjustments
???I could have called more timeouts than I did, and the reason I didn???t was that they had to start taking responsibility for what was going on on the court. As coaches, we can only do so much. As young players, at some point they just had to start...taking responsibility. I just put the lineup out there, and they really did all the talking. Leah Hinkey is the one in the huddle who really got everybody???s eyes on her and got them re-focused and re-energized.???
On playing a full five games
???We talk a lot about these situations in our practices. We do a lot of drills where we put ourselves in these situations ??? basically win-lose situations. I think we were pretty used to this, but it???s nice to get a check that it???s really working by having to work in a match. I think it is something that we???ll be able to use as we go along.???
Junior outside hitter Milan Clarke

On motivation in the fourth game
???I think the fourth game, we had a lot of energy. It was the second, fourth and fifth where we were on. It was the last points and we as a team realized that we???ve worked so hard...that we just had to win it. There was nothing else we wanted to do but win it. We didn???t want to play like that in the first game and the third game. We used that anger just to be more aggressive.???
Sophomore setter Jena Berg

On Tennessee???s confidence
???I think it was fun to actually play in the fifth game. I like being in situations like that. I think we played really well. We stayed really calm. We just went back at them. We were confident in the fifth game even when we got down, so I think that helped us out.???
On winning the fifth game
???I think how we won that is how we practiced. We???ve been practicing a lot of competition. Everything we do is a competition in practice. We were ready for it. We were all ready for it.???

Utah Head Coach Beth Launiere

On playing five games
???I think it???s a sign of our young team and it being early in the season. I was pleased with so many things we did again tonight, but early in the season, you???re trying to define your team. Situations like this will help to define our team. We???ve got to get over the hump of winning those games, and we haven???t done that yet. Once we do that, then we???ll learn from it and gain more confidence. It???s good to be in these positions so we can learn from them and get better.???
On freshman setter Stephanie Shardlow
???I thought our freshman setter (Stephanie Shardlow) set really well in the first game. As the match wore on, I thought she struggled. I thought overall, for the whole match, she grew up and gave our team a lot of confidence that she can handle those situations for the rest of the season.???
On individual defensive performances
???I thought Kat Hainey played really aggressively. I was very pleased with our libero???s (Connie Dangerfield) defense. Kate Robison, our other outside, and Connie are playing really good defense. Whitney (Webb) did well.???
On the AVCA Showcase at Qwest Center Omaha
???The more you put yourself in these situations, the more you???re going to be successful the next time. We???re glad to be in this environment against these teams. We got a lot better this weekend. It???s a big-time event, and it???s good for our program to play in front of (this crowd)."





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